3 Best Online Tools to Boost Your Academic Performance

Performing better in academics is certainly the center of each student’s efforts. Now that technology has prevailed in most parts of academics, it is more about working smart rather than working hard. To perform better in academics, you have to be slightly creative in how you deal with your academic work.

By using the right form of technology in your studies, you can improve the way you learn and perform in your field of study.

In this article, we are going to help you with that.

Here, you will find comprehensive detail about the 3 best online tools that can be helpful to you to boost your academic performance.

Although there are various types of educational tools available online, this article is going to revolve around the ones that can be helpful to you in your written work.

So, let’s begin. The following are the 3 best tools that you can use to deliver exceptional performance in your studies.

1.    Grammarcheck.ai:

In order to perform better in studies, your work has to be free from any grammatical mistakes. That’s the basic ingredient you have to put to cook your masterpieces of written work.

Now, what are the basic possible errors that you can make in your written academic work? The following ones:


    • Grammatical errors

    • Spelling errors

To make your content free from these errors, you can take the help of Grammarcheck.ai.

It is an online grammar-checking tool that identifies grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors in your content. After doing that, it provides correct suggestions that can be used in place of incorrect words and sentences.

Here’s how it does it.

As you can see, the tool effectively identified the errors in the content. You can find the correct spelling and suggestions by simply clicking on the incorrect sections.

By using this tool, you can easily and rapidly make your academic work error-free.

Other features of the tool that can be helpful to use the tool more effectively are:


    • It allows you to correct all the errors in just one click. By clicking on the options highlighted in the blue bar, you can simply correct or ignore all the errors with just one click.

    • You can directly upload the document file you want to check in the tool.

    • The tool has no word limit and you can check content as lengthy as you require.

So, if you want to enhance the quality of your academic work and boost your academic grades, you can take help from Grammarcheck.ai

2.    Paraphraser.io:

Paraphrasing is one of the most important factors related to academic written work. It has various functionalities and purposes. From keeping your work plagiarism-free to increasing its simplicity and effectiveness, paraphrasing is of great help in academics.

Paraphraser.io helps you perform effective paraphrasing by using its advanced algorithms. It is an online paraphrasing tool that replaces different words with their most effective and suitable synonyms.

This replacement increases the overall quality of the content. That is because simple and effective words are easily understandable and are helpful to deliver your message more clearly.

Moreover, the tool also alters the structure of the sentences. This feature is helpful in making your content plagiarism-free.

Here’s how Paraphraser.io paraphrased the piece of content taken from this article and provides suggestions for the changed words:

As you can see, the tool detected words that could be changed to make the content more powerful and conveying.

You can simply check the suggestions provided by the tool and choose the ones you think are the most appropriate for you.

The tool provides a 600-word limit and 3 tones in its free version. If you want to increase the word limit and unlock the other 3 tones, you can consider purchasing its premium version.

The pricing plans for the premium version are as follows:



3.    Editpad.org:

Plagiarism is a serious concern for students trying to perform well in academics. Not only it is illegal to steal someone else’s work, but it is also an immoral act. It can destroy one’s authenticity and integrity as a student. 

To keep your work and performance good and authentic, you have to keep your content plagiarism-free. Well, as explained above, paraphrasing (and other methods) are effective to do so.

But how can you know if your content has become plagiarism-free after making changes or not?

Here’s when Editpad’s Plagiarism Checker can be helpful to you.

As you can guess by the name, it is an online tool that enables you to check for plagiarism in your academic work. It uses its advanced algorithms to detect the section of the content that matches someone else’s.

After identifying these sections, you can make essential changes to them or just simply remove them from your content.

Here’s how the tool checked the plagiarism form content taken from a Shopify blog:

The tool not only identifies the matched content but also provides the sources from which it is matched. After checking plagiarism with the help of this tool, you can easily identify the matched parts of your content.

The word limit in the free version of the tool is 1,000 words, but you can purchase its premium version to increase the word limit and unlock other premium features.

The pricing details of the premium version of the tool are given below:


In these technologically advanced times, performing well in academics has become more of a smart work rather than hard work. Students can take the help of technological tools to perform their academic tasks more efficiently.

Since there are a lot of tools available online to choose from, we have provided comprehensive details on the three best tools that can be used by students to boost their academic performance. By combining the features of these tools, students can instantly enhance the quality and authenticity of their written work.

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