3 Tools That Help You Write a Compelling Research Paper

3 Tools That Help You Write a Compelling Research Paper

Writing an excellent research paper is not always simple.

Students starting the work for the first time may find it challenging to complete it.

This is because it demands time. On the other hand, learners have to do part-time and even full-time jobs.

Therefore, they struggle to dedicate their time to qualitative research before writing.

In addition, a research paper, like any other academic paper, is written with a specific message for the reader in mind.

Does writing a research paper give you headaches?

If so, you do not need to panic because this guide has got you covered.

Here, we will walk you through the three best tools that give you a helping hand in writing a unique research paper.


Let’s get started!

Before writing a research paper, students should write down key information.

Hence, they should make notes.

In times like these, smart students do not rely on pen and paper.

Instead, they use online-notepad.net to write down important points.

Most importantly, this online notepad tool is absolutely free.

As compared to the traditional note-taking method, where you cannot edit the information, you can make changes to your notes using this tool.

You can use this tool to craft an outline for your research paper.

How to use this tool?

·         Start typing into its input section.

·         It automatically saves the notes. So, you do not need to press “Ctrl+Z.”

·         You can click on the “Save & Download” button to download the notes on your device.

Top Features

ü  Displays Word Count

Online-notepad.net computes the total number of:

·         Characters

·         Words

·         Lines

ü  No installation is required

You do not need to download any paid software before using this tool. All you need is an uninterrupted internet connection.

ü  Lock the document

This tool cares about your privacy and does not let you down.

Its “Lock” feature enables you to set a strong password for your outline and lock it. In this way, no one can access your notes.

ü  State-of-the-art text editor

This tool has an amazing text editor that lets you format your paper.

Its rich-text feature lets you format your outline. Using this tool, you can apply the following formatting elements:

·         Different font sizes & colors

·         Make the text italic & bold

·         Underline the text

·         Include tables and bullet points in your outline

To write a good research paper, you must first collect relevant sources so that your work may include factual support.

Many students seem to be easy targets for plagiarism in this area.

Fortunately, they can avoid plagiarism by paraphrasing.

But they should possess extraordinary writing abilities for doing effective paraphrasing.

What if they do not have proper writing capabilities?

In this case, the rephraser.co can help them remove plagiarism from their research paper.

Using this paraphrasing tool, they can create different versions of the same content. Most importantly, it keeps the core meaning of the text unchanged.

Rephraser.co is an advanced AI rewriter that paraphrases content in the blink of an eye.

This online rephrasing tool comes in handy when learners do not have proper time to write a research paper.

How to use this tool?

      i.        To benefit from this rephrasing tool, you first need to copy-paste the text into its input area. Also, you can directly type into it. Plus, you can upload a file from your device.

    ii.        Now is the time to hit the “Paraphrase” button and wait for a few seconds.

   iii.        Finally, press the “Export” and download the paraphrased content in your desired format.

Top Features

ü  Human-level rephrasing

This tool paraphrases content smartly. The rephrased content will be easy to read and scan.

In addition, it removes the chances of plagiarism. Hence, you do not need to worry about content duplication.

ü  Paraphrase anywhere

It supports all devices and operating systems. So you can access this tool from anywhere.

ü  Keeps the original meaning

Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), this rephraser does not change the original meaning of the text.

Instead, it maintains its core meaning.

ü  Grammar checker

Once you have completed the research paper, you can make it error-free by using its grammar checker feature.

It underlines all the typos and grammatical mistakes. So, you can give your paper a professional look by using this feature.

Hemingway Editor assists you in polishing and refining your research paper.

Through the document’s editing mode, you can check for readability reports and recommendations.

That includes the misuse of poor adverbs and ambiguous phrases.

How to use this tool?

      i.        Copy your content from your MS Word document and paste it into this tool.

    ii.        It’s time to select the “Edit View” option for examining places that could require your attention.

   iii.        You can also write directly into its input section. It’s simple!

Top Features

ü  Color code

This tool serves more as a tool for improving the stylistic quality of your work.

·         Adverbs or qualifiers with weak or too general meanings are often highlighted in blue.

·         You need to alter the complicated sentences and words highlighted in purple.

·         It highlights all the passive-voice sentences in green color.

·         The red ones display even more difficult texts, while the yellow ones display more sophisticated sentences.

ü  Easy to use

It is quite simple and easy to use.

The readability rating, the number of complicated sentence patterns, and other information are all clear.

Once youare used to this tool’s suggestions, avoiding passive sentences and other common writing mistakes can help you become a better writer.

Since academic writing must be succinct and short, it is ideal.

Final Words

Writing an error-free research paper requires excellent writing skills and time. But what if you do not have time?

This is where you should benefit from online tools: Online-notepad.net, Rephraser.co, and Hemingway Editor.

Online-notepad.net helps you create an outline for your research paper. Also, you can make notes of statistics and facts using this tool.

Rephraser.co lets you tackle plagiarism and write a unique research paper.

Last but not least, Hemingway Editor allows you to polish your research paper.

So what are you waiting for?

Try these three amazing tools and craft a tailor-made research paper.

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