5 Things To Pay Attention To When Writing An Essay

5 Things to Pay Attention to When Writing an Essay in English

Essay writing is more than filling a page with words. There are general writing rules to follow as well as specific requirements for each essay. As you write, you must pay attention to these rules to earn a decent grade or get the scholarship you want through the essay. 

5 Things To Pay Attention To When Writing An Essay In English

The checklist for writing an essay will differ. While some aspects like a strong argument or grammar come naturally, some items require special attention. Here are aspects of essay writing that will demand your attention and how to ensure that you tick them off as you write your paper.

1.    Instructions provided

There are general writing rules that will guide you even without reviewing any specific instructions. For instance, each essay is supposed to have a cover page, introduction, body, and conclusion. The paper is also supposed to be submitted on time, ensuring that it is edited to eliminate any errors that may lower the quality of your argument. These instructions are expressly provided or hinted at.

Instructions guide you on the type of essay to write. For instance, the instructions may direct you on the perspective to take, especially when asked to support or oppose a motion. The instructions also indicate the formatting style to use, expected submission deadline, and specific reference materials to use. Use the instructions or a prompt as the checklist when writing your paper.

Instructions may prove difficult to understand because they are descriptive. Do not guess your way through the writing process. Instead, use samples to help you execute the instructions accurately. You may also forward the instructions to a professional paper writing service online. The writers will develop a customized sample.

Review the instructions provided often during your writing process. The review ensures that you are keeping within the required standards. You can correct any errors before you complete the paper to reduce the workload when editing. At the end of the writing process, use the instructions as a checklist to ascertain that your paper meets the required standards.

2.    Strong points of argument

An essay is an academic exercise that must deliver value for time. The reader and your tutor are looking for justifiable arguments about a particular topic. You can only justify the argument by making strong arguments.

The strong arguments will come from extensive research. Look for high-quality resource materials like books and articles to use in supporting your ideas. The library is the best source of credible reference materials. Once you use strong reference materials, you will produce the strongest essays.

3.    Formatting

Formatting shapes the appearance of your paper. Instructions given at the beginning of a paper indicate the formatting style you are supposed to use in your writing. Stick to the stipulated formatting style to guarantee the best grade.

Formatting is broad because it captures the structure of your paper. Master the details that should appear at the beginning of your essay, in the body, and at the conclusion. Each chapter of your essay also captures very specific information. All these details must be captured accurately.

It is an academic crime to combine two formatting styles. It confuses because numbers and symbols used during formatting could represent different items. Master one formatting style and execute it accurately.

4.    Plagiarism

Plagiarism means that a section of your work is copied. It could be direct wording in your presentation or picking ideas from another paper. Plagiarism is abhorred in academic writing and will return to haunt you even when it is discovered upon graduation.

Avoid plagiarism by using your original ideas when making any argument. In case you need to quote another writer or reference materials, you should paraphrase the words. Indicate the source clearly so that you are not accused of stealing ideas.

5.    Deadline

Purpose to submit the paper within the stipulated deadline. Start working on the essay immediately after it is issued. Set aside sufficient time to work on the paper. Identify a conducive space where you can concentrate on the essay and complete it fast. You avoid penalties and missing graduation because of a paper that was submitted late.

Small aspects of essay writing make a huge difference. Use available technology like apps to help with editing, formatting, and managing your time. By paying attention to such elements, you will produce the most captivating essay.