AI Paraphrasing Tool To Rewrite An Essay

How AI Paraphrasing Tool Can Be Helpful to Rewrite an Essay?

A paraphrasing tool is a remarkable addition to any writer’s arsenal. But can they help rewrite essays?

In the USA, there were around 83 thousand self-employed writers by the end of 2019. Most of these writers are professionals or essay writers. Their services in blogs and academic industries are extensive, as they require specific assistance from tools.

Tools such as AI-based paraphrasers help writers in many aspects of their writings. These tools can help them rewrite their content and avoid the ever-important and infamous act of plagiarism

That’s why, if a writer requires these tools, there must be a reason behind them. Today, we’ll be talking about one of them: to rewrite or revamp an essay. So, let’s dive in deeper and find out how:

What Is A Paraphrasing Tool? 

A paraphrasing tool is remarkable too, which relies on heavy AI-tech to ensure rewriting content. These paraphrasing tools employ various algorithms to execute a task, i.e., paraphrasing or rewriting. Which include:

  • Using NLP to convert text into machine language 
  • Analyzing text’s current state with AI
  • Rewriting according to the user input, i.e., content tone change, etc.

This process allows the paraphrasing tool to recreate content from scratch or make minor changes to it. It depends on the tool, as some tools would decide what’s best for your content. 

While others would give you the option to pick a tone. However, that can backfire as it might make the content tone a little unnatural.

Why Should Essay Writers Use Paraphrasing Tools? 

Writers should paraphrase tools to improve their content; that’s a given. But, is there any other reason to do so? In fact, there are three other reasons that writers need these AI-based tools. Therefore, let’s analyze what they are:

  • Rewrite Content 

Rewriting content through these paraphrasing tools is a common practice. Many a time, writers need to reuse their bulk content. This is an especially important benefit for an essay writer, as it can help them improve and revamp their content vastly from its initial form. 

  • Improve Content Flow

Improving your content’s flow to ensure that it gets approved by the essay checker might be on your mind. Well, you can use a paraphrasing tool to ensure that your content is top-notch. Since these tools are designed to make content flow seamlessly, they can help you achieve just that. 

  • Avoid Plagiarism 

Plagiarism is one of the most common problems for writers in all the niches. That’s when these paraphrasing tools are particularly important, as they can help you steer clear of any duplicity. All you need to do is run plagiarized content through it until they turn it original and remove plagiarism. 

5 Ways Paraphrasing Tools Can Help Rewrite Essays

Paraphrasing tools can help you improve your writing skills in general. Therefore, it’s only fitting that they can help you rewrite essays or improve their quality.

Based on their AI and astounding algorithms, here are 5 ways paraphrasing tools can help you rewrite essays:

  1. Reconstruct Sentences To Improve Integrity

One of the key elements of any essay is properly constructed sentences. In blogs and online articles, it’s okay to use a casual or conversational tone. However, you need to be academic and professional in essays. 

So, a sentence like this won’t fit well:

“I understand that the traffic problems in L.A’s traffic can be solved with a simple tweak to the traffic laws.”

There’s nothing wrong with this sentence, mind you. But, it still needs to be on essay quality. So, can the paraphrasing tool help us reconstruct it? Let’s find out:

Here we can see that the sentence has improved by simply adding a few more words and shifting the narrative. As a result, it’s much more suitable for an essay now.

  1. Improve Quality Of Your Passages

A paragraph needs to be flowing and readable in order to deliver the idea properly. That’s why essays require multiple rewrites before they’re acceptable. Here’s an example of a lackluster passage:

“When driving around L.A streets, you will find that many intersections can use a proper signal. Some are working, others are malfunctioning. That’s why, it’s important to fix them accordingly.”

Once more, there’s nothing bad about this sentence. But, it doesn’t fit the essay writing style. Let’s seek assistance from once more:

Now the passage is much better, and it’s flowing much more freely. It further proves that these paraphrasing tools are ideal for essay rewrites.

  1. Revamp The Content’s Tone – Make It More Readable

Essay readability is one of the leading factors in an essay becoming accepted after submission. That’s why a content tone like this may not sit well:

“The traffic laws should be written with the common person in mind. Their intricacy is what drives people away from them. That’s why, not many read them or understand them at all.”

The content is fine, but the tone is a little start-stop. Let’s use a paraphraser to rewrite it:

Here we see that the paraphrasing tool has slightly changed it. But, even these slight changes have made it much more readable than its initial shape. 

  1. Avoid Any Chances Of Plagiarism 

Avoiding plagiarism is yet another key element of writing a good essay. So, here’s how you find out whether you have plagiarism in your content or not:

As you can see, the content is underlined in red, which means that it’s plagiarized. Now, let’s rephrase it into something original:

As we can see here, the content has become different than its initial shape. But is it plagiarism-free now? Let’s find out:

After checking for plagiarism again, now our content is plagiarism-free and good to go for our essay.

  1. Ensure A Smooth & Flowing Reading Experience 

The content that we rid of plagiarism isn’t exactly flowing well, nor is it readable. So, can paraphrasing tools help you rewrite for better flow and reading experience?

Yes, they can. As you can see here, the content is now much more suitable for an essay. It didn’t’ change much, but then again, it didn’t need to. It altered it just enough to make it good enough for your essay.


These are the factors that count when using paraphrasers for essay rewriting. As demonstrated throughout the article, these are the many ways a paraphrasing tool can be helpful to rewrite your essay. 

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