An Autobiography of Nokia-1100 by Uzma Ali

An Autobiography of Nokia 1100 by Uzma Ali

Nokia_1100 - autobiograpby by uzma

Was I made? Or manufactured?

No! Never!

I was born! Yes! I was born. I was born two decades ago like other living beings.

Listen to me carefully, my smart-off-springs!

My birth and entire life is fascinating and filled with the multiple events of joy and sorrow. Even the moment of my birth was not a common happening, but it was a great successful invention of brilliant minds and expert hands. I am proud to introduce myself as a first connectivity object without wires, also smart in appearance and function.

My life opened the ways for other technological inventions in the world of connectivity and invention. It is a very interesting and long journey to bring an idea into life. First the idea of my birth was generated in the human’s mind and then discussed in multiple ways. Few minds considered it as a waste of time and others highly appreciated it. In that case, the idea passed with a majority of votes, and then they started work to get the idea in physical form.

The second stage was a little bit difficult; to get in shape. I passed through different processes with the help of machines. Heavy machines and hard tools hurt me a lot but I tolerate all the difficulties happily for a major cause. I was aware of the fact that all these hurdles are going to give me a beautiful appearance.

In the third stage, for the first time, my soul and body became united by shaking of two hands on a smart screen. There was clapping, rejoicing and dancing of humans when they heard my sound as usually they do on the birth of their children. This hand shaking was not only a very pleasing effect on minds but also has a very beautiful message of harmony, love, and kindness. This also symbolizes the basic idea of my birth, to facilitate humans and to give everyone a helping hand.

For the first time, I felt the delicate touch of human hands and observed happiness on their faces. Now the most important matter was; the name ceremony. All the members involved in the process of my birth gathered on a table. The most prominent one among them introduced my features on a big cinema screen and then asked for the suggestion of a good name. After a lot of discussion they gave me an attractive name NOKIA 1100. I was so happy to get the beautiful name.

I was launched on 27, August, 2003 on the same day the decision was taken that when and where to send us. The same team members packed me and my fellows in beautiful covers and boxes. We became a little worried when we overheard that we were going to be shipped to an unknown place but still we were happy. We were happy because we were aware of our worth. Travelling was our first experience of life and we enjoyed it a lot. Flying high in the sky among the clouds was a beautiful dream. We saw the high mountains, seas, skyscrapers, buildings and plain lands. Our journey in the plan came to an end; we were welcomed by a group of people in an honorable way. After that we were distributed to different places. Now I was in a beautiful shop. I was placed in an air-conditioned room in a beautiful showcase. Where everyone took great care of me and look towards me in a praising way. The news of my arrival spread here and there like a fire in a jungle. Thousands of people visited to see me.

After a week an elegant man, Mr. Sheeraz, came to the shop and checked my physical appearance, features, and discussed everything with the shopkeeper. He fell in love with me and was willing to do anything just to make me part of his life. My departure from my fellows was sorrowful but I was born to bear bitter realities. The men held me like a sacred item and took me with great care as a mother holds her son for the first time after birth. He brought me to his home where his wife and daughter gave me a warm welcome. I was so happy to be a part of this beautiful family.

Like human being; two things were essential for my life: oxygen and food. My food was in the form of electric charge and wireless signals were my oxygen. Unluckily there was a shortage of both my essentials. The house of Mr. Sheeraz was located in a remote area and there was no electricity. He charged me usually on solar power but this food was not good as I used to use conventional electric lines. Second problem was the lack of good signal strengths. When a person goes at height and feels less oxygen and he carries an oxygen cylinder with him. In the same way, an antenna was installed with a tall tree and I was hanging with that tree to breathe easily. But on the other hand, it was like a punishment for me. I was hanged high enough so that kids could not reach to touch me.

The daughter of Mr. Sheeraz was very attracted to me; she wanted to take me in her hands and to play with me. It was also my wish to feel the softness of her hands but she was not allowed to touch me. Once she released me from my hanging position and tried to play a snake-game. Unluckily by mistake, she changed my profile “General” to “Outdoor” and could not reset it. She became worried and hanged me at my place without playing a game. When Mr. Sheeraz came and found “Outdoor’ on screen and inquired from her daughter for changing profile on screen. He rebuked her and set a password on me.

After a few months, a signal booster tower was installed in the town and I became happy with plenty of signals. Now my hanging punishment was over and most of the time I remained in the pocket of Mr. Sheeraz. For the two complete years I enjoyed high value in this house and also in the society.

By the passage of time, everything changed: my skin color, my physical features and most importantly the behavior of people. The change of behavior was very painful for me. Once, I was the most beloved of the family; then became like an ordinary object. After two years the family started discussing someone else in front of me, and one day they brought it home. It had some features like me but to be very honest it was smarter than me. It had the ability to capture beautiful memories and also to entertain people with songs and videos. Due to its sharpness, beauty and quality of capturing memories it took my status.

My boss used to carry that very object everywhere and I became a piece of toy in his daughter’s hands. At the start when the girl got my autonomy she was delighted. When she played with me, she had an affectionate smile on her face. She used to play with me, eat with me and sleep with me. I was also happy by getting the delicate touch of her soft hands. Just after two months, I felt that the girl became fed up with me; she started taking interest in her father’s mobile.

She started ignoring me. Her actions made me jealous but I did nothing for myself as nothing was in my hands. Neglecting by the people from whom you once received unconditional love is really painful. In a house full of people I started dying because of loneliness and it became my routine to weep every night. I was in nostalgia and twenty four seven I recalled my past beautiful memories. Once I was important and all the time they kept me in their hands, now forgot even to charge me. I became weak with every passing day due to the lack of proper charging.

Then one day, I don’t know what happened; Mrs. Sheeraz charged me and packed me in the same box in which her husband brought me to this house. She took me with herself and the travel in luxury car reminded me my past glory.  The car stopped with a jerk and I saw the same beautiful place which was once my residence. The lady handed over the box to a man, in which I was lying helpless. After this act I realize the whole story, but her harsh words broke my heart into pieces. She said “now this object for us is of no use; I want a new, beautiful and a smartphone”.  

At that I realized that every beauty has a fall and every youth and success has a decline. This place was not bad and most important I had so many friends like me to talk with them but for all of us it was painful to tolerate the fame and success of the new arrival. I became the part of this environment very soon but my inside was gloomy for the family whose I knew that they had forgotten me.

For a very long time I stayed with my friends in the same shop and it seemed that no one wanted or longing for us. It was the saddest days of my life and I was not happy in the beautiful showcase of the expansive shop. I start realizing the showcase as a prison and living in the prison is always a dark idea, no matter how beautiful it is. I prayed to God day and night for my release, the passing time lost our value. The shop owner ordered his servant to shift us from the central showcase to the side showcase with dirty glass. Every day thousands of people came to the shop and just looked at us and then ignored us.

One thing more revealed to me that change in place also affects the change in fate. In this shop customers showed the same enthusiasm which I experienced in the early phase of my life, when I was in full bloom and no one was there to compete with me. One more thing was common which I noted by their facial expression and negotiation style, I was still expansive for them. This thing was really satisfactory for me.

One day a man, whose appearance was not very civilized, came to the shop and after half an hour of negotiation he paid the amount after which I became his custody. I didn’t want to go with him, I didn’t even like him but it was all in vain. His hands were rough and his car was also ugly, the thought was really irritating to live with him for my entire life.  He brought me to his home but the biggest problem was that neither had he known how to use me nor a single member of his family knew my name.  I was now just the context of the past for the upper class and they even threw away my body from their houses.

This poor ugly man gave me love and respect but I was not happy with him. He gave me much attention and always put me in his hands covered in the handkerchief and every day at morning sprinkle perfume on the handkerchief.  I even didn’t like the smell of his perfume, and the most painful thing was he didn’t know how to charge me. Due to the shortage of charging when I was going to die, he became worried for the first time. He brought me outside and a large number of people gathered around me. Some of them gave advice to check me to the doctor, while some others gave opinion to keep me under the sun for the full day. A person gave the suggestion to wash me with hot water. After listening all the trivialities my heart start crying, but I was fortunate that my owner considered the advice of the first group to check me to the doctor.

In a form of possession the villagers brought me in a place, which they called hospital. I visited hospital twice in my previous life but never saw a dilapidated building of hospital. The doctor was busy with his work but when he saw a crowd in his hospital he came out in a hurry. He then came to know that it’s not the matter of a human life but the life of the mobile phone Nokia 1100 was in danger. He normalize his facial expression and I came to know that these type of trivialities are the part of the only learned person of the village.

The doctor himself had the same mobile as me and he knew all the ins and outs of my body. He told the villagers that nothing is wrong with me as humans need food for life, in the same way mobile phones need charging. So the problem is that there is no electricity in the village and charging needs electricity. Hospital was situated somewhere between the village and the town where the facility of electricity was available. So the only possible solution to my problem was to charge me each time at the hospital. The doctor was a kind man. When he saw my pathetic condition he used his own charger and taught my boss the proper way of using the charger. The doctor’s hands were soft and kind like his heart, suddenly a wish occurred in my mind. I wanted to stay with him but it was not possible.

The doctor also talked about my other features, for instance, how to make contacts, and how to call someone or to receive a call. After getting my qualities my owner became happier and more proud of my possession. I became more popular among the villagers, and became a topic of discussion in their playgrounds and hujras. My owner became the most fashionable man of the village. Usually in front of all of us he used to call one of his town’s friends and talk with him loudly. Due to weak signals sometimes the call dropped, and mostly he used to put the mobile with his ear just for show-off.

I was a mystery to the villagers and they came in groups just to see me. Everyday my owner traveled so long just to charge me in the hospital’s building. He took great care of me but I was not happy. I was still in nostalgia. My past glory couldn’t allow me to be happy, I missed the family but they forgot me and that was the point which never allows me to enjoy any single moment. I was not able to trust humans because at the early stage of my life I came to know that brutal and self-centered nature of humans. Humans are kind till the time they need you but as a thing became unnecessary for them they threw out that thing from their lives. I learnt a lot about humans through my personal experiences, which I am sure they would not know about themselves.

Once an incident occurred in the village and that completely changed my life. A little boy fell down from the roof of the house and got severe injuries. People were confused and running here and there, the patient needed quick treatment but it was long distance. My owner used my services and called the only man in the village that had a car. He came in few minutes and then the patient had covered one hour journey in ten minutes. While leaving the village he also made a call to the doctor and informed him about the delicate situations. The child’s life was saved by the doctor and he really appreciated the services of my owner. On that day for the first time in my life I felt proud of myself. I became a hero for the villagers and they discussed me as people were discussing war stories and heroic actions after war. So the trend of having a mobile phone became so prominent and every person started collecting money to buy me.

I spent five years in the village and now there is electricity in every house of the village and also the mobile phone. Things have changed but the people of the village are still innocent: their honesty is unchangeable.  Time changes their faces but not their hearts. My journey stopped in this village but my owner didn’t throw me out, he is still using me with great love. Now he has a smartphone also and that is more handsome and smarter than me. After spending my entire life I came to the conclusion that it was my good fortune that I came to the village. When I first came here I was not happy and I considered it my failure, but their love, loyalty, and unchanging nature made me fall in love with them. Now I want to spend my remaining life with the soft hearted and honest people.  I am old enough and I know that time is not in my favor, my market value is zero and my new generation has already taken my place. I am also aware of the fact that my off-spring are intelligent and smarter than me. I cannot compete with them in any challenge. I also changed my thinking ability, now I am happy for them because their success in reality is my success. It is the reality of life and the world that nothing is everlasting and nothing is eternal. Every child has to be grown, every youth has to be fallen, and every alive will face death.

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