Asif Abbas

Asif Abbas

Self-motivated and professional writer

asif abbas


Asif Abbas is a highly skilled and professional writer who can write on variety of topic ranging from politics and literature to history. He has worked in various capacities including as content writer at SOL, and technical content creator at a Peshawar based NGO. He has also contributed articles to Global Village Space Magazine. He believes in honesty and utmost professionalism.

Full Name: Asif Abbas

Age: 27 years

Language: Urdu, English


Asif Abbas is gold medalist from University of Malakand during his Masters.

Moreover, he has done M.Phil in English Literature from Qurtaba University of Science and Technology,  Peshawar.

Published Works

Asif Abbas wrote on multiple niche and here several works are published on different websites.  His many works are awaiting to be published soon. His some works are available in published form at many forums. 

His some of the published works are mentioned below.

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