Colors and our Planet

Colors and our Planet

colors and our planet

Lets imagine the world without colors, you will feel something vague in your imagination. If there would be only black color or only white color: how we will be able to identify dark and light. How can we delight the beautiful scenes of flowers. Colors are the essentials for living beings. Colors add beauty to our planet/Earth

Human beings are very serious about colors. They want color in every aspect of life, even they want to add colors into edible things.  They want their vehicle to be colored. They love colorful dressing. Moreover they explore colors in different human races to keep the cultural identities. 

Females are considered to be very conscious about colors choice and selection. Normally a women can not select a color with in short time and in mostly cases their choice remains un-selected  and they ask for different opinions from others to help them to select a color for them. Men are less color conscious and mostly men can’t remember the name of even basic colors but female can remember several shades of only one color. This is the only one quality where women are superseded. Among the women, Asian women are very color conscious with respect to the western world. Asian women love colorful dresses and love contrast in color matching. Colors are equally a selection of choice among women in fashion and beauty. In cosmetics world, colors are the active agents. If we look only at the eye of a women who has visited parlor recently; we can find all the shade of colors around they surrounding of an eye.

We can find all the colors in nature to delight our mood. Now a days we are preferring artificial coloring and forget how beautiful natural colors are, If we spare some moments to ponder upon nature and imagine ourselves in a garden. There we can see a verity of colors, and natural colors are permanent and do not fade like artificial colors. beautiful flowers, colorful parrots, fruits in different colors are very attractive. Like all the other things in the world, colors have their own importance which we neglect most of the time.

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Parts of speech

Part of speech

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