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Hafsa Irfan

Poetess and Fiction Writer

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Hafsa Irfan is a young talented upcoming writer and a student of BS English (Language and Literature). She is currently pursuing her career in writing. She has a memory full of imagination and with her imaginative skills: she is writing a profound fiction. She is poetess as well and she wrote many poems. Major themes in her poems are love and existence. Her dedication to creative art is incredible.

Full Name: Hafsa Irfan

Age: 22 years

Born at: Lahore, Punjab

Language: Urdu, English



Hafsa Irfan Completed her basic education from Lahore at a Public school. She took her intermediate classes from a Government College. 

Hafsa is currently a student of BS English (Language and Literature) from university of the Central Punjab, Lahore, Punjab.

Published Works

Hafsa Irfan wrote many works. Her some works are available in published form at many forums. Some of her works are still awaiting to be published. Her main interest is to write fiction though she also writes on poetry.

Her one of the famous published work is a short story and you can find that by clicking below link.


Reading fiction is one of the major interests of Hafsa. She also likes listening to music. She manages a small library at her own home to spend leisure moments at there. 

Contact Details

Gmail: artsomphalos@gmail.com

Website: https://literaryenglish.com/hafsa-irfan-a-young-creative-writer/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/hafsa.irfan.735

Twitter: @artsomphalos

Instagram: @artsomphalos