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Sayeda Javaria Hanan

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Sayeda Javaria Hanan is a multitalented professional writer. She is currently pursuing her career in writing and  proofreading. She has writing command over almost every niche and can easily turn her imagination into words. She is a great voiceover artist as well, doing voiceover for youtube videos, business proposals and presentations. 

Contact Details 

Gmail: javaria.hanan@gmail.com

Website: https://literaryenglish.com/sayeda-javaria-hanan/

YoutubeEnglish Learning Center – YouTube

Instagram: https://instagram.com/sayeda_javariahanan

Hafsa Irfan is a young talented upcoming writer and a student of BS English (Language and Literature). She is currently pursuing her career in writing. She has a memory full of imagination and with her imaginative skills: she is writing a profound fiction. She is poetess as well and she wrote many poems. Major themes in her poems are love and existence. Her dedication to creative art is incredible.

Contact Details

 Gmail: artsomphalos@gmail.com

Website: https://literaryenglish.com/hafsa-irfan-a-young-creative-writer/

Twitter: @artsomphalos

Instagram: @artsomphalos