Sayeda Javaria Hanan

Authoress, proofreader, and Voiceover Artist


Sayeda Javaria Hanan is a multitalented professional writer. She is currently pursuing her career in writing and  proofreading. She has writing command over almost every niche and can easily turn her imagination into words. She is a great voiceover artist as well, doing voiceover for youtube videos, business proposals and presentations. 

Full Name: Sayeda Javaria Hanan

Age: 24 years

Born at: Rawalpindi, Punjab

Language: Urdu, English, Arabic


Javaria Hanan Completed her basic and intermediate  education from Rawalpindi. She did Bachelor’s in English Literature from University of Punjab.

Javaria completed her master degree in English Literature from University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.  

Published Works

Javaria Hanan wrote on multiple niche and here several works are published on different websites.  Her many works are awaiting to be published soon. Her some works are available in published form at many forums. Some of her works are still awaiting to be published. Her main interest is to write fiction though she also writes on poetry.

Her some of the published works are mentioned below.


Javaria Hanan is a multitalented skilled professional character Her expertise are are in several fields. Some of her most practiced skills are mentioned below.

  • MS Office: Javaria has full command over MS office including, MS Word, MS Excel, and PowerPoint Presentations.
  • Content Writing & Creative Writing: Javaria is writing for since April, 2020. Her various works are mentioned above already. 
  • Proofreading and copy editing: Javaria did proofreading for multiple works. Her few works are: PDF Book Parts of Speech (an academic work) and Girls in a Dark Well (a fiction work).
  • Voiceover: She is also good at voiceover and can voiceover in English, Urdu and Arabic like a native speaker. Here is a sample of her voiceover:  how to become a creative writer? 

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