Tips for Flying Long Haul with A Baby

Tips for Flying Long Haul with a Baby | Nida Nasir

Tips for Flying Long Haul with A Baby

Life is not a bed of roses! Indeed, the truth in this statement is only acknowledged when you wish to plan a luxurious and romantic trip to faraway places with a baby. Yeah, you got me right! It is true that a toddler is the last thing on our minds when we decide to travel through long flights across different continents. Usually, the majority of us will choose to drop the idea of the world tour and flying long haul until the infants grow up to an appropriate age. However, time is precious and once it’s gone, it never comes back. Therefore, waiting for the toddlers to grow up should not be your only option.

Moreover, I still remember the anxiety and panic on the day of my first trip with my three-month-old son and it was indeed a nightmare. The constant crying sessions every hour, unbearable poo leaks, deprivation of sleep, restlessness, and tantrums were enough to drive us towards insanity for sure. However, certain significant tips helped us to control and calm our baby down during the long flight to Malaysia. Hence, if you are planning to fly long haul with a baby then these simple tips will assist you in making your flight a pleasant one.

The first phase of any journey is to book an airline in advance. Therefore, you should keep in mind to look for such airline services which will feasibly provide the following assistance upon demand. For instance, you should always keep in mind that during booking do request for bulkhead seats for your toddlers. It will allow you to attach a cradle during the flight. This is a convenient option for your babies to lie down and have the feeling of home in a compact area. Otherwise, you will have to carry your infant in your lap the entire time. In addition, you can also request for a window seat s it will be an ideal place for a nursing mother. Sometimes, you can also ask for the extra bundle of towels and blankets so that you can easily wrap your toddler in the sheets to avoid catching a cold.

As a matter of fact, the most important stage of any tour is your arrival at the airport and the rest of the formalities to reach for the plane. You should focus to carry few luggage because it will be very hard for you to either handle your robust toddler or mountains of bags. Secondly, all the essential documents like visas, passports, tickets should be present in front of you. You should not search for them when you are standing in a queue. Furthermore, try to take all the significant stuff related to your infant so that he/she may not get bored and be entertained. While waiting in the immigration area you can also allow your baby to stretch and kick a bit in order to refresh themselves. For the safe side, you can also use the restrooms to make sure that before going on the plane your baby is done with his/her basic cleanliness session.

Once, you have passed all the formalities of the airport you are finally on the way to your destination. However, with a little angel in your arms must also feel safe and happy for the flight. They may seem to endure for a little bit but long flights are indeed tiresome for them. Therefore, you must give them lots of fluids to keep them hydrated and ease the pressure that tends to build up in their ears during the journey. Moreover, you should also follow the rules related to the fastening of the seat belt during the ascent and descent of the airplane. You may seek help from crew to avoid any sort of injury or accident.

To keep your baby entertained you can give them their favorite toys to play in their bulkhead seats. Read stories to them so that they can easily fall asleep or becomes distracted to listen to your voice. In the case of the diaper change, you can feasibly use the changing tables present in the restrooms. Moreover, if your baby becomes disturbed or agitated then you should change their positions. You can also carry them in your arms and walk in the plane to make sure they are settled peacefully.

Furthermore, in certain situations, the infant may throw up then there is no need to panic. You should always have a spare dress in your hand-carry baggage. This will allow you to change the dress and make them clean and fresh again. If you still have trouble controlling your toddler then you may also seek assistance from cabin crew as they deal with such scenarios nearly every day. In a nutshell, we deduce that flying long haul with a baby is a challenging task but it is not impossible.