When to use an exclamation mark in a sentence?

Where and when to use an exclamation mark correctly in a sentence?

Where and when to use a exclamation mark in English

To show emphasis, we use an exclamation mark at the end of a statement, a word or a sentence. We frequently use an exclamation mark (!) to indicate strong feeling or give a command.

Examples of exclamation marks in sentences:

·        Speak! I am listining to you.

·        Yes! You are right.

·        Standup! Sing for our victory!

·        What a lovely day!

·        That’s unbelievable!

·        Hurrah! We have won the match.

·        Help! Help! My can is on fire.

Note: When we place exclamation mark at the end of any sentenc, No other punctuation mark is used e.g. question mark or full stop (period).Look at the sentences below:

·        Are you crazy!

·        Can you speak loudly!

Note: When a sentence ends with an abbreviation, you have to place exclamation mark if statement falls under exclamatory class. If a sentence ends with abbreviation and statement carries a question, then place a question mark at the end of sentence followed by full stop.look at below examples to understand.

·        I am happy! I have passed my B.Ed.!

·        Can you pass M.Ed.?

·        M.Ed. is easy to pass rather than B.Ed.

Eexercise for the students:

Read out sentences below and place necessary punctuation marks where needed.

·        Wow stope here what a lovely scene is this let me take a shot

·        I am starving please give me a glass of milk


·        I passed my exam what a lovely day

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