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Our Mission

“Literary English’s mission is to provide educational services worldwide that allow all students to experience gaining success at exploring literary world.”

Founder of Literary English

Hi! My name is Sanaullah Khan Niazi and I am owner and founder of literaryenglish.com. My commitments to me came true to fulfil my dreams to do something challenging and now I am committed and determined to carry on my objectives to expand my canvas. My team is putting his best efforts to provide you for what you dreamed ever. Your positive and encouraging response made my team much happy and strengthen their confidence. I am pretty hopeful for your such response in future too.

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Honorable Team at Literary English

Literary English is a team based working platform that include an honorable team of specialists for different task. Some of the main contributing members are introduced below.

Developer at Literary English

Mubashir Niazi is performing a role of web developer at literaryenglish.com. He is responsible for the coding and layout of the website according to user’s ease. He is typically responsible for the appearance of the site,  technical aspects, management of content creation tools, and to protect it from spam and attacks.

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Content Writer at Literary English

Syeda Javaria Hanan and her team is  providing services for content creation at literaryenglish.com since the very beginning day. She is providing unique content according to the needs of the students. She is also providing editing and proof reading services for book stuff.

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Iram tariq

Content Writer at Literary English

Iram Tariq is a passionate writer and has been writing since 2018 on various niches. Her main interest for writing is literature, moreover she also writes business articles. She has published several stories, poems and business articles. She also provides literary analysis on various literary pieces for helping students.

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SEO Expert at Literary English

Shabana Begum is an SEO editor  and keyword researcher at literaryenglish.com. Her efforts in SEO on education-related topics (combining offline content, reviews and books) promote our services to the students worldwide.

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