English Vocabulary for Daily Life Conversation

English Vocabulary for daily life conversation
200 commonly used English Phrases

An English phrase is a grammatical term that refers to a group of words that functions as a meaningful unit, but does not include a subject and verb in many cases. Now a days, English phrases are used commonly in conversations.  Click here to learn 200 commonly used English phrases.

100 commonly used idioms in English (2)

Idioms are the group of the words established by usage as having a meaning not deducible from those of the individual words. Idioms do not match with surface meaning of the words but these are used very consciously in context of the conversation. 

Proposal, Dating, and Marriage Vocabulary in English

What is in proposal, dating, and  marriage vocabulary article? Well! Here you will find what you are searching to win your beloved. A suitable way to propose your beloved for date or marriage in such a pretty way that partner will never refuse you. Continue reading…

love and romance vocabulary in English

Love and Romance Vocabulary

Love and romance vocabulary is a commonly used word stock in day life conversation and almost everyone wants to learn it or knows it very well. People love their friends, they love pets, music or singing and all those things that make them happy. We use word love for everything; animate or inanimate, that makes us happy. Continue reading…

Fashion and clothes vocabulary in English

In This article Fashion and clothes vocabulary, You will find amazing words to describe fashion and dresses. There is a verity of words that we use in day life conversation to discuss fashion and clothes. Continue reading…

food and cooking vocabulary in English 2

Food and cooking vocabulary is an essential vocabulary stock especially prepared for those who speak English language as a second language. Native language is always a rich language in every aspect and when we look at speaker of non-native languages, they face many problems while speaking second language. Continue reading…

Eating and Drinking Vocabulary in English

Eating and drinking vocabulary articles contains word stock essential for day life conversation in English language. Eating and drinking is essential for survival for a human being and in the world, being a global village, people have to move around the world. Continue reading…

food idioms

Here are some common idioms based on food and drinks. Each food idiom includes its literal meaning and its figurative use in a sentence. Before starting food idioms, we will explain: what is an idiom?

Kitchen utensils vocabulary in English

Kitchen utensils are small hand held tools and appliances used for food preparation and for serving foods at dining tables. These kitchen tools are available in different shapes and in a large verity to make cooking and serving of meal easy. Some utensils are used for cooking, some are used for serving meal at the table, and some are  Continue reading…

Weather and Climate Vocabulary in English

Well! You are at right place to learn weather and climate vocabulary. In this article you will find suitable vocabulary to describe a weather in wording. look at the sentence. The light drizzling at morning changed into shower and after few moments, with a loud thunder, torrential rain started. Continue reading…

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