Vocabulary for daily life conversation

Love and Romance Vocabulary

Love is a commonly used word in conversation and almost everyone know it very well. People love their friends, they love pets, music or singing and all those things that make them happy. We use word love for everything; animate or inanimate, that makes us happy. Continue reading…

Fashion and Clothes Vocabulary

AccessoryRefers to an individual item like,  jewellery, hats, neckwear, shoes, belts, scarfs, gloves, etc that is used to make dressing more fashionable… Continue Reading


Eating and Drinking Vocabulary


Meaning: Eat slowly and gently with small bites.

Example: She nibbled some cheese and crackers before lunch. Continue reading…

Food and Cooking Vocabulary

Food and cooking vocabulary is an essential vocabulary stock especially prepared for those who speak English language as a second language. Native language is always a rich language in every aspect… Continue Reading

Weather and Climate Vocabulary

Blizzard (n)

Meaning: A heavy snowstorm that goes for a long time

Example: We postponed our hiking plan due to weather forecast for blizzardContinue Reading

Kitchen Utensils Vocabulary With Images

Kitchen utensils are small hand held tools used for food preparation. These are available in different shapes and in a large verity to make cooking easy… Continue Reading