9 Tips to Improve Readability Score of an Article/Post

9 Tips to Improve Readability Score of an ArticlePost

What is the Readability Score? Whenever you write something, you need to make sure that people can read it without difficulty. The phrase commonly used to describe the aspect of a text that can decide about text’s ease or difficulty is ‘readability score’. A text with a high readability score is easier to read, while … Read more

A Journey to Lahore from 1965 | By Hafsa Irfan

Short Story by Hafsa Irfan

A Journey to Lahore from 1965 | By Hafsa Irfan In the evening, both were having tea on the couch in the courtyard and relishing the promising junctures of life. The kids were pleased with their pedagogy and the atmosphere was very gracious. The community around was also very peaceful and friendly. Today, Walayat Begum … Read more

Role of Self-Publishing in Today’s Digital Environment


In this era of high-speed internet and technological advancements, the traditional ways of doing things are constantly being shaken up. One of these transformations is the rise of self-publishing, enabling authors to step outside the boundaries of traditional publishing. Definition of Self-Publishing Self-publishing, as the name suggests, refers to the process wherein the authors publish … Read more

Role of Female Novelists in Highlighting Women’s Issues

female novelists

Since the dawn of time, females have been looked down upon and considered second-class citizens. Many people had negative impressions of them, including that they were mentally and physically deficient. That’s why it was concluded that their own residence was the most suitable setting for them. Women should only be expected to do domestic tasks … Read more

How to Write an Analysis Paper on Literature?

How to write an analysis paper on literature

Analytical work requires a lot of effort and time and, of course, a lot of motivation and inspiration. Few ordinary people who are not connected with constant ongoing analysis can easily create analytical papers, even if this is in a creative direction like literature. There are a lot of hidden meanings and secrets in the … Read more

4 Countries to Study Abroad To Consider in 2024

4 Countries to Study Abroad

Studying abroad exposes you to a different educational environment and college experience. You meet an international community that will shape your thoughts and sperspective about life. The stint as an international student will also add a medal to your study profile. While students are encouraged to study abroad, the choice of the institution to study … Read more

Hunger | A Poem by SK Niazi

Hunger A Poem by SK Niazi

Hunger | A Poem by SK Niazi Standing on tiptoes, Watching curiously Over millions of heads, I saw people gathering And moved into the crowd In the loud voices of Singing, clapping, and rejoicing,   A young damsel With her smart belly Dancing under a cloud of money, Encircled by smiling faces Of poor folks … Read more

I wish I would have been a bird

a bird

A Poem “I wish would have been a bird” by SK Niazi I wish I would have been a bird, Brown, grey, green, white, or red,   With an innocent soul and a purged heart, Devoid of ego, anger, vain, and disgust.   I could fly over long green valleys, To gaze upon fields of … Read more