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How to Write a Guest Post?

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Guest Post

What is a Guest Post?

People generally ask, what is the difference between a post and a guest post? The answer is so simple: when you publish a post on your own blog, it is a post and when you publish a post on someone’s blog, it is a guest post. Guest post is a post that is published by visitors at someone’s blog.

Why People do Guest Posting?

There are many reasons that attract visitors to write a guest post. Some of them are written bellow.

  • People who do not have own blog and want to publish their content; they publish it through a guest post on someone’s website or blog.
  • Some people write about their products like books, or other brands to let the people know about their products.
  • Some people write for the earning because some websites pay for guest posting as literaryenglish.com pays for a good guest post that goes beyond 1000 search views.
  • Some people want to practice for creative writing so they write short stories, poems, or other content just for the sake of their hobby.
  • Some bloggers write guest post for back links but most of the website who offer guest posting adds nofollow to guest posts.

How to Write a Guest Post at literaryenglish.com?

It is very simple to write a guest post at any site. The most important of all your post is content. If you have a good content to share you can write a good post. Here is the guide for guest posting.

Guest Post Title (Required)

Guest title is the titles that will appear at the top of the post.  It may be a word, a phrase, a sentence, or a question. But the perfect way to place a title is the phrase that is exactly keyword for your post. Below are the examples for a good title:

·        Best places for photography

·        Top ten fashion trends

·        How to write a poem?

·        Colors of Punjabi Culture

·        A thirsty crow: A short story

Category for the Guest Post (Required)

Choose a category for the post according to the content. If you do not find any suitable category; select guest posts. Your post will appear in category guest posts when it will be published.

Email (Optional)

Email is an optional. If you provide email then it is better for you so that people may contact you. If you do not enter it, it will not hamper your post.

Content for Guest Post (Required)

Content is the most important and required subject in blogging. Content should be more than 300 words and your key word should be in title, heading, and in the text body. For a moderate post, you should write at least 1000 words with minimum four time keyword frequency. For a unique and perfect post, your post must be more than 2500 words with minimum 10 time keyword frequency.

Format for a good content

Post title | Heading 1

Introduction | First paragraph (up to 100 words)

Second Paragraph | Detail of content

(For a good content main body of content should be divided into further paragraphs) Each paragraph should be less than 150 words. If content is more than 300 words, break it into further subheadings a.

Last paragraph | Conclusion

Note: The text of the content should be unique. If you copy text from a book or a website and paste it into a guest post that will be rejected. Such posts are against Google’s Policy and original writer can claim against you. Try to write it by yourself or edit it in your own wording.

Adding Image to Guest Post (Optional)

Images reveal much about the content if they are relevant to the content. Images can reveal more than the written content. So choose a perfect image according to the provided content.  Your image should be less than 1500X1500 for fast loading of the page. Heavy image cause much loading time so try to add images of low size but they should be clear in visibility in colors.

Note: Image should be free from copyrights claims. Try to add image that you own or get it from websites with copyrights free images like pixaby or pexel websites.

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