English Literature

English Literature

Index to English Literature

Definition, History and Types of Literature

·         What is literature?

·         History of English literature

·         Different types of literature

·         Figurative language in literature


General Prologue to Canterbury Tales

·         Introduction to life of Geoffrey Chaucer

·         Geoffrey Chaucer’s role in English literature

·         Geoffrey Chaucer as a realist

·         Introduction to the General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

·         Summary of General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

·         Short introduction to 29 pilgrims in Canterbury tales

·         Female character analysis in Canterbury tales: the Prioress and the Wife of Bath

·         Religious/ecclesiastical characters in Canterbury tales

·         Christianity  in Canterbury tales: Chaucer’s attitude towards religion



·         Introduction to Othello

·         Introduction and role of characters

·         Act wise summary of Othello

·         Major themes in Othello

The Old Man and the Sea

·         Introduction and the summary of the Old Man and the Sea

·         Main characters and their roles

·         Theme of the novel “The Old Man and the Sea”

·         Symbolism in the novel “The Ola Man and the Sea”

·         Quotations in the novel “The Old Man and the Sea”


John Donne

·         What is Metaphysical Poetry?

·         John Donne as a Metaphysical Poet