Nida | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Nida Name poem Acrostic poem

Nida | Name Poem Neither a falling star, nor a venomous snake, I just fear; promises and dreams that turn fake. Do courage to make me whole; for God’s sake. As bright as the moon, as tranquil as a blue lake.                                                      (SK Niazi)

Faiza | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Faiza Name poem Acrostic poem

Faiza | Name Poem From the very first day when I was born A thought in my mind started me to warn In this world of vain, everyone will scorn Zillions of malicious ideas tried me to worn And, in the war of the nerves, I always won.                                                      (SK Niazi)

Aroosa | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Aroosa Name poem Acrostic poem

Aroosa | Name Poem Are you a goddess of beauty or a pretty girl? Rosy lips, dimpled cheeks, dyed hair with curls. Olive iris, bulging eyes, bewitched me in a glance, Over the moon, my heart throbbing like a snake dance, Stop! Hold your beauty! Let me close my eyes, And let me finish my … Read more

Samina | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Samina Name poem Acrostic poem

Samina | Name Poem Sun came to my cottage one cool noon, And asked me in a low frightened tone. Moon will rise at blue sky very soon, Inside your village, I saw another moon. No one could tell me about this balloon, A moon-like girl; she‘s Samina in her bloom.                                                      (SK Niazi)

Anum | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Anum Name poem Acrostic poem

Anum | Name Poem  All the world become happy when I smile No one wants to blink, not even for a while. Up to the sky, all admire from a million mile, My charm spreads joy, like the river Nile.                                                     (SK Niazi)

Noor | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Noor Name poem Acrostic poem

Noor | Name Poem  No one knows about me, not a single word Only those who’ve dived deep into my heart. Open to those who seek, my essence they find Really, by appearance, Noor can’t be defined                                     … Read more

Saba | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Saba Name poem Acrostic poem

Saba | Name Poem  Saba, a code of life, more than a name, A journey of love, compassion, and pain. Beautiful heart, full of love, devoid of vain, A paragon of beauty, cherished with fame.                                                       (SK Niazi)

Zara | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Zara Name poem Acrostic poem

Zara | Name Poem  Zara is a complete code of life, not only a name A life full of love, compassion, struggle, and pain Radiant face, curly hair, waving like brown flame A symbol of elegance, she’s known in every frame.                                                (SK Niazi)

Hafsa | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Hafsa Name poem Acrostic poem

Hafsa  | Name Poem Half a million people were gathered at a cool noon All were much happy as they will be surprised soon Flowers were offered to me, petals were thrown Someone came and took me to a mighty throne And told me, en era has passed, we didn’t see moon       … Read more

Sara | Name Poem | Acrostic Poem

Sara Name poem

Sara | Name Poem  Sara is a complete code of life, not only a name A life full of love, compassion, struggle, and pain Radiant face, curly hair waving like brown flame A figure of elegance, she’s known in every frame.                                             (SK Niazi)