What is Semantics in Linguistics?

Origin of Word Semantics The term semantics came from Greek noun sema (symbol or sign) and Greek verb sēmainō (“to mean” or “to signify”). The Word semantics (noun) and semantic (adjective) are derived from Greek word sēmantikos (which means significant). The Word semiotics came from Greek word sēmeiōtikos (pertaining to signs). The word Semiology is derived … Read more

Difference between Literal and Non-Literal Meaning

Semantics is the branch of linguistics that focuses on the study of meaning in a language. It explores how words, phrases, and sentences convey specific meanings within a language and how these meanings can vary in different contexts. Sometimes, you hear a statement that does not make sense, but it has a deep sense. It … Read more

Different Types of Meaning in Semantics | Linguistics

What is Meaning? Semantics deals with the study of meaning. The verb ‘mean’ has multiple meanings in the dictionary. The meaning of an expression is a function of the meaning of its parts and the way they are put together. Sometimes, we need to see meaning within the framework of an academic or scientific discipline; … Read more