Helpful Tips for Learning English Quickly and Effortlessly

Helpful Tips for Learning English Quickly and Effortlessly

Everyone who starts learning English wants to get away with very little: to learn English quickly and effortlessly. Of course, there are no miracles. Every result has to be paid for by hard work. But like any other business, there are little tricks to help you learn English quicker and make the process much more fun. The key to learning any language is to create an atmosphere of maximum immersion in it.

“So how do you do that?” – you might ask.

Here are some effective life hacks for both beginners and advanced learners.

 Life hack number 1

The most fun way to memorize useful, colloquial vocabulary and new words is to watch movies and TV shows in English. Take a pen, a notebook and literally catch every word the speaker says. Such a way will make the process of learning the language interesting and as effective as possible. You will inevitably associate each expression with a particular scene in the film, a character, or a guest in the show, and it becomes much easier to remember the necessary phrase. The main thing is to be responsible and to take good note of the key phrases. In this way, you’ll train two kinds of memory at once: auditory and visual.

And the notes will certainly be useful more than once in the future.

 Life hack number 2

The second tip will be perfect for music lovers.

Nothing can compare to the power of singing along to your favorite artist, especially when your favorite track is playing through the loudspeakers.

So what’s stopping you from learning it? It’s enough to find the lyrics and devote 15 minutes a day to it. Given the fact that we learn our favorite song, the result will not keep you waiting and the words of the song will be stored in memory for a long time and will serve you well when needed.

 Life hack number 3

The third method that can make the learning process a lot easier is the smartphone and, more precisely, its options. It is enough to change the interface language and new terms will instantly appear in your vocabulary. Another thing to keep in mind is the number of really useful apps that can be safely downloaded to your gadget and used to learn a couple of new words every day.

 Life hack number 4

At first, you should provide items around your flat with stickers with their names on them in English. This method is more effective than it may seem at first sight. Faced with multi-colored reminders several times during the day, you are guaranteed to remember a couple of – three new words. It also works for any new words you might want to learn: Write them down on a piece of paper and hang them on your fridge. Every time you open the door, take a few minutes to go over the words again. It is a very useful way to build up your vocabulary in a short time and avoid having to turn to online essay writing service for a good exam grade.

 Life hack number 5

When learning new words, always try to use associative thinking. Drawing such simple parallels will make it much easier to remember the words and use them in a sentence.

 Life hack number 6

Learn more bi-vocabulary words. A double word consists of two words at once. That way, you can kill three birds with one stone and actually learn three words. Consider a housewife. It is made up of two words: house and wife. House + wife = housewife. There are a lot of similar words in English. 

Life hack number 7

Try to learn all new words, phrases, and expressions out loud. This is a good way to train both your visual and auditory memory at the same time. Memorize by heart rhymes, proverbs, sayings, and words for a long time and are sure to pop up in your memory when you need them.

Life hack number 8

And do not forget about the lively communication. If you have an acquaintance, relative, or friend who can boast of an excellent knowledge of the language, do not neglect the opportunity to communicate with them in English. Try to translate all correspondence exclusively into a foreign language and then, even by sending a simple text message, you’ll build up your knowledge! But if you do not have such a friend, try to find yourself a so-called pen friend or, simply put, a pen pal. Luckily the Internet makes this task quick and easy.

Remember, learning a language is a time-consuming, difficult, and energy-demanding process. But if you can create a positive atmosphere, learning the language will be a joy. We hope that these simple tips will help you achieve success in your studies much faster!