I wish I would have been a bird

A Poem “I wish would have been a bird” by SK Niazi

I wish I would have been a bird,

Brown, grey, green, white, or red,


With an innocent soul and a purged heart,

Devoid of ego, anger, vain, and disgust.


I could fly over long green valleys,

To gaze upon fields of roses and lilies,


And to enjoy the company of my fellows,

Like a mighty flock of brown sparrows.


I could sing sweet songs of my freedom,

In green dales akin to the Garden of Eden,


Soaring through the air high and low,

With knowledge of my friend and foe.


I could perch calmly on a buffalo’s horn,

Unlike humans, who cause great harm,


No doubt a bird’s life ends with a prey,

But better than humans, who die and decay.


                                                     (SK Niazi)