Weather and Climate Vocabulary in English

  • Avalanche (n)

Meaning: Avalanche is an ice or snow in large quantity that slides suddenly down the side of a mountain.

Example in a sentence: An avalanche buried their car but luckily, they remained safe.

  • Barometer (n)

Meaning: An instrument that is used to measure air pressure and speed

Example in a sentence: The air speed is 50 knots on barometer.

  • Blizzard (n)

Meaning: A heavy snowstorm that goes for a long time

Example in a sentence: We postponed our hiking plan due to weather forecast for blizzard.

  • Breeze (n)

Meaning: A light gentle wind

Example in a sentence: We have a walk daily along seashore to enjoy cool breeze.

  • Chilly (adj)

Meaning: Cold

Example in a sentence: It is a bit chilly outside, so I think you should stay inside.

  • Clear (adj)

Meaning: When there are no clouds and blue sky is visible

Example in a sentence: In our country, weather remains normally clear.

  • Cloudy (adj)

Meaning: Sky covered with clouds.

Example in a sentence: I love cloudy weather in summer season specially.

  • Cyclone (n)

Meaning: Cyclone is a powerful and destructive storm with high wind that turn around an area of low pressure.

Example in a sentence: An Indian ship, along with nine passengers, drowned in the sea by a cyclone.

  • Dew (n)

Meaning: Drops of water formed on grass and trees at night

Example in a sentence: The grass of whole ground is wet with dew.

  • Drizzling (v)

Meaning: A light rain

Example in a sentence: When I wake up, there was drizzling outside so I slept again.

  • Drought (n)

Meaning: A long period with no or little rainfall

Example in a sentence: There was a long period of draught so that there was a fear of damage to crops.

  • Flood (n)

Meaning: A large overflow of rainwater

Example in a sentence: Due to heavy rain, the level of water has risen to flood level.

  • Fog (n)

Meaning: Many small water vapors in the air that blocks one’s vision

Example in a sentence: We cannot see the tower because there is too much fog.

  • Foggy (adj)

Meaning: Covered with fog

Example in a sentence: It is foggy outside, so drive carefully.

  • Forecast (n) (v)

Meaning: Prediction of weather for the future

Example in a sentence: Meteorologists forecast that in next week there will be no rain.

  • Frost (n)

Meaning: A thin layer of frozen water or ice that forms on the ground or on grass when air becomes cold

Example in a sentence: The grass was covered with frost and was looking shiny.

  • Hail (n)

Meaning: Small balls/lumps/pieces of snow/ice that fall during a rain

Example in a sentence: There was so much hail that some of car’s windscreens were broken.

  • Heat stroke (n)

Meaning: A serious condition that happens when someone spend too long in the sun that causes a person to stop sweating and high temperature of body

Example in a sentence: Drink plenty of water and wear a hat to avoid heat stroke in hot weather.

  • Heat wave (n)

Meaning: A long period of unusually hot weather

Example in a sentence: During the heat wave, many people died due to heat stroke.

  • Humid (adj)

Meaning: A lot of moisture in the air

Example in a sentence: The air was so humid that our clothes became wet during walk.

  • Humidity (n)

Meaning: The amount of moisture in the air

Example in a sentence: It feels a lot hotter than it actually is because of the humidity.

  • Hurricane (n)

Meaning: A tropical storm with very powerful and destructive wind and rain

Example in a sentence: The hurricane flattened half of the buildings on the island.

  • Icy (adj)

Meaning: Slippery because of covered with ice

Example in a sentence: The road was icy so it took us four hour to reach home.

  • Lightening (noun)

Meaning: An electrical discharge with a heavy flash between a cloud and the ground

Example in a sentence: It is very dangerous to go into swimming pools during lightening.

  • Mild (adj)

Meaning: Temperature that is bit warm than average (normally in a cold season)

Example in a sentence: It is quite mild out so I did not bother a long walk.

  • Meteorologist (n)

Meaning: A person who studies weather sciences

Example in a sentence: The meteorologist predicted that the heat wave will be over by Monday.

  • Meteorology

Meaning: A department that deals with weather updates and forecasting

Example in a sentence: Now a day’s meteorology is predicting very accurate forecasting.

  • Partly cloudy (adj+adv)

Meaning: A term frequently used in a weather forecast to indicate that the sky is cloudy and sunny at the same time

Example in a sentence: Next week’s forecast is partly cloudy in hilly areas and clear over sea.

  • Rainbow (n)

Meaning: A band of seven colours formed on the sky after a rainfall

Example in a sentence: Children took many pictures of rainbow sight after rain.

  • Shower (n)

Meaning: Shower is a rain bit more than drizzling and less than torrential rain. It is likely a shower in the bathroom.

Example in a sentence: Today morning drizzling changed into shower and remained for two hours.

  • Sleet (n)

Meaning: Frozen drops of rain due to below freezing temperature

Example in a sentence: Driving is very dangerous when snow turns to sleet.

  •  Slush (n)

Meaning: Snow on the ground partly melted due to rain

Example in a sentence: The slush covered the footpath.      

  • Smog (n)

Meaning: A dirty cloud by mixture of fog and smoke

Example in a sentence: The town’s smog was so bad that it prevailed until noon.

  • Snow (n)

Meaning: Soft, white pieces of frozen water of rain in cold weather

Example in a sentence: The snow blanketed the trees in the town.

  • Snowing (v)

Meaning: Falling of snow

Example in a sentence: It is already snowing up in the town, so you should here until the snow is over.

  • Snowstorm (n)

Meaning: A powerful and strong wind with snow

Example in a sentence: Whole market was closed because of the snowstorm.

  • Sunshine (n)

Meaning: The sun’s rays or light

Example in a sentence: Let us go outside and enjoy sunshine until it is over.

  • Sunny (adj)

Meaning: A bright sunlight, full of sunshine

Example in a sentence: We should choose a sunny place for lunch.

  • Tornado (n)

Meaning: A violent and destructive spinning windstorm that moves around a central point

Example in a sentence: The tornado picked up all in its path, including vehicles and animals

  • Torrential rain (n)

Meaning: A heavy rain without storm

Example in a sentence: Motorway police stopped all the transport at motorway entrance due to torrential rain.

  • Tsunami (n)

Meaning: A very high and large wave in the ocean that is usually caused by earthquake under the sea

Example in a sentence: Government closed all seashore picnic points due to expected tsunami in the ocean.

  • Thunder (n)

Meaning: Very loud sound caused by flashing and lightening of clouds during rain

Example in a sentence: Children put fingers in their ears because of thundering clouds.

  • Thunderstorm (n)

Meaning: A storm with rain and heavy lightening and thundering

Example in a sentence: Always close windows before thunderstorm.

  • Typhoon (n)

Meaning: An extremely powerful and destructive storm that especially occur in the region of the China Sea

Example in a sentence: Three ships sank by a powerful typhoon.

  • Windy (adj)

Meaning: Blowing wind outside more than usual

Example in a sentence: It is too windy to play badminton.