Love and Romance Vocabulary

Love and Romance Vocabulary

Love and romance vocabulary is a commonly used word stock in day life conversation and almost everyone wants to learn it or knows it very well. People love their friends, they love pets, music or singing and all those things that make them happy. We use word love for everything; animate or inanimate, that makes us happy. It is a noun and a verb e.g. I love my books: here love is a verb, and love made my life interesting: here it is a noun. here is love and romance vocabulary for you.

love and romance vocabulary in English

Love and Romance Vocabulary

  • Fall in love

When someone has romantic feeling and love for other person he says I fall in love with that person.

Example: It looks I am falling in love with Jenny. I cannot stop dreaming about her!

  • Love at first sight

When you saw a person for the first time or meet him/her and that person looks much attractive to you and you feel some romantic feeling for him/her you are in love at first sight.

Example: I fell in love at first sight due to her appealing dress and the way she was talking.

  • Puppy love

When a person loves another person temporarily, his love is not true, or you might think that it will not last for a long time at that moment you might say his love is puppy love. It is very strange way to talk about love but is very interesting. Such love is temporary emotions or for a specific reason.

Example: Usually teenagers in love are mostly experiencing puppy love and change their beloved frequently.

  • Darling

Darling is a word used for beloved one by a lover. You can call a person darling who is very valuable or precious to you

Example: My darling, please stay with me for some more time.

  • Sweetie or Sweetie pie

 Sweetie is an adjective and used to call a person you love very much.

Example: My sweetie was wearing red dress on her birthday party

To “have a crush on someone” means someone feels attracted to that person in a romantic way. People keep it secret mostly until they are not sure that love feelings are mutual.

Example: Asif has a crush on a girl in his music class. She is attractive, beautiful, and, smart.

  • Flirt with someone:

“Flirt with someone,” mean you show your love in order to show that you are interested in that person romantically.

Example: Tom was flirting with Jerry on New Year anniversary.

  • Hit on someone

It is an alternative phrase for flirt with someone but a little bit informal – it does not literally mean to hit physically; it means to flirt with someone!

Example: He makes Jane’s sketches just to hit on her.

  • Hug someone

When you “hug” someone, you put your arms around him or her to hold tightly with arms. It shows love or friendship.

Example: A mother hugged her child when he was frightened.

  • Kiss

To touch (gently) someone with lips to “kiss” as a way of showing romance, love or sexual attraction

Example: She kissed him with her tearful eyes on his departure.

  • Propose

Proposing someone is the way of asking or requesting a person to marry you. In English culture, general phrase to propose a person is “Will you marry me?”

Example: Sara proposed to Jack on his birthday party.

  • Love affair:

It is used commonly for a romantic relationship between a boy and a girl.

Example: Their love affair was exposed after few weeks.

  • To hook up

If a boy hooks up with a girl, it means that they usually do something mutually. It might be something like dating together, meeting together or going out on trip, it even include something physical, like kissing each other or having mutual sexual relation.

Example: Many young boys are using smart phone apps to find people to hook up with them.

  • Amorous

A person having or showing strong feelings of love or sexual attraction for someone

Example: Her amorous look made him crazy.

  • Beau

A women’s boyfriend or male lover

Example: Jenny introduced me to her beau.

  • Lovesick

Unhappy because of being in love with someone who often does not love you back

Example: Jam is getting moody due to love-sickness.

  • To find Mr Right

We use this short phrase for someone to find the perfect man to marry.

Example: It is not easy to find Mr Right in a day.

  • To court

This term is from older English, not often used in modern or everyday English. It means to try to date someone to express love.

Example: The boy courted his love by sending her chocolates every day.

  • To woo someone

It is used to try to date someone or try to have a romantic relationship with someone. It is also used in a formal way to attract someone without love feelings.

Example: The old couple has been wooing since last decade.

  • In a relationship

When a boy and a girl have a committed attachment to each other and live together.

Example: Joseph is in a relationship with a teenage girl from USA.

  • A match made in heaven

People use it when two people are perfect for each other to marry. They have similarities in all aspects and have matching souls.

Example: Henry and Sarah is a match made in heaven. I am sure they will enjoy a happy future. 

  • Apple of one’s eye

A person who is highly cherished or dear to someone

Example: Her son is the apple of her eye.

  • Lovebird

People who have romantic and loving attitude toward others

Example: Ali is a lovebird; he has all the tricks to make girls his fan.