Proposal, Dating, and Matrimonial Vocabulary

  • Wedding

A wedding day is a day of marriage often includes a ceremony and a celebration of getting married.

Example: Asian people make many dishes on wedding party for their guests.

  • Bride

A bride is the name for a woman used on her wedding day. Before the wedding, she in known as a fiancée or a girlfriend but after her marriage, she is a wife.

Example: In Asian culture, Brides usually wear red dresses.

  • Groom

A groom is the name for a man used on his wedding day. Before the wedding, he in known as a fiance or a boyfriend but after his marriage he is a husband.

Example: Everyone wants to shake hand with the groom on his marriage ceremony

  • Spouse

A spouse is a common word for a husband or a wife. This word is used for a married couple. Husband or wife or both can use this word for their partners.

Example: Always respect your spouse.

  • To propose

The word ‘propose’ is used for a marriage proposal. If a boy asks or requests, a girl to marry him its mean he proposed her. To ask someone to marry you, to ask for someone’s hand in marriage or to ask someone to be your spouse are the way to propose someone.

Example: I’m going to propose to Jane this month. John arranged a candle dinner and asked Austin’s hand in marriage.

  • Matrimonial

“Matrimonial” refers to anything related to marriage or the relationship between married people. It encompasses legal, social, and personal aspects of marriage.

Example: “They consulted a lawyer who specialized in matrimonial law to help them with their prenuptial agreement.”

  • Betrothal 

Betrothal is a literary term identical with engagement. This word is not very common in modern English.

Example: The couples’ betrothal was approved by the court.

  • To pop the question

This phrase is commonly used in an informal context to ask someone to marry you.

Example: When are you going to pop the question?

  • To marry

This short phrase is used to get married with someone.

Example: They are going to marry this Sunday.

  • To wed

This phrase is same as ‘to marry’ means to get married with someone.

Example: We wed five years ago here in Islamabad.

  • Matrimony

Matrimony is the state of being married and this life is known as matrimonial life. 

Example: The matrimony withheld the test of time. 

  • Wedlock

Wedlock is a state of being married. When someone is married, he/she is in a wedlock.

Example: They have been in wedlock since 2017. 

  • Vow

Vow is the promise made between the couple during the wedding ceremony.

Example: Europeans exchange their vows in front of their family and friends. 

  • Engaged

When a boy or a girl has agreed to marry someone it means he/she is “engaged,”

Example: Joseph is engaged to Jane.

  • Fiance

Fiance is commonly used word for an engaged boy. This word is used in a possessive case as my fiance.

Example: Her fiance loves her very much and wants to marry her on 14 February.

  • Fiancee

Fiancee is commonly used word for an engaged girl. This word is used in a possessive case as my fiancee.

Example: His fiancee loves him very much and wants to marry him on 14 February.

  • Honeymoon

The term honeymoon is used when a recently married couple plans a visit to spend some vacation together on any visiting place just after their marriage.

Example: We went to Ulm to enjoy our honeymoon.

  • Anniversary

Anniversary is the date on which the couple got married. Many couples celebrate this occasion every year by going out to visiting, dinner or exchanging flowers or gifts.

Example: Our wedding anniversary is 11th of September.

  • Break Up

When a married couple or engaged couple decide to end their marital relation, they use the breakup of their relation.

Example: The only reason for the breakup of Jerry and Jane was he differences in their ages.

  • Divorce

The word “divorce” means that a married couple legally and formally ends their marriage and decide to live separately.

Example: Helen divorced his wife after she became an alcoholic.

  • Ex/ Ex-husband/Ex-wife

The word ex is used for those who remained married or in relation but now there is no more such relation than the prefix ex is added the word like ex-husband, ex-boyfriend, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend.

Example: My ex-girlfriend is living in Germany with parents.

  • Unmarried

This word is used for a single person who is not married yet. A man who is in teen age or above and he is single he use word unmarried for him. This word is used for both genders.

Example: I did not really enjoy the trip. Everyone was with their spouse and I was the only unmarried person in the trip.

  • Taken 

It means that the person is already engaged or in a relationship with someone else.

Example: Jenny looks very pretty and I wish to marry her, but she is already taken.