Food and Cooking Vocabulary

Food and Cooking Vocabulary

food and cooking vocabulary in English 2

Food and cooking vocabulary is an essential vocabulary stock especially prepared for those who speak English language as a second language. Native language is always a rich language in every aspect and when we look at speaker of non-native languages, they face many problems while speaking second language. Here is the list of all those food and cooking vocabulary words, which we use for food and cooking.

 Food and cooking vocabulary


MeaningWe use this word to cook food such as bread or cake in an oven using dry heat as in microwave oven.

ExampleWe will bake few cakes for his birthday party.


Meaningto roast or broil meat, chicken or fish over hot coals or an open fire.

ExampleWe barbecued fish and ribs last Sunday and enjoyed a lot.


Meaningto cut food item by teeth to eat like cookies or sandwich

ExampleHe bit the cookie in half. She ate the sandwich in four quick bites.


Meaninga strong and unpleasant flavor or something too much sour

ExampleThese almonds are very bitter.


Meaninglacking strong flavor and having no good or original taste

Example: This vegetable soup is very bland. It does not taste well.


MeaningBuffet is a meal with serving counter having multiple dishes in meal. It is normally served in restaurants and inns.

ExampleWe went to a Turkish buffet and enjoyed a good meal.


Meaning: food made from cream or tasting like cream

ExampleI would like to take a creamy peanut butter.


Meaningfood that is dry and easily broken

ExampleFry the potato chips until they are crispy and brown.


Meaninga type of food with hard texture and making a loud sound when chewed under teeth

ExampleThe peanut cookies were crunchy.


Meaninga sweet course normally served at the end of the meal.

Example:  I do not like desserts in dinner but I am crazy for desserts in breakfast.


Meaning: A thick soft and creamy food usually made from rice, eggs or bread that people eat normally cold and served in meal as desserts.

ExampleIn Pakistan, pudding is served as a dessert after meal.


Meaning: meat of salt-water fish / sea fish or fresh water fish

ExampleWe barbequed fish at dinner on last Sunday.


Meaningsomething cooked in oil in a frying pan

ExampleMy son is crazy for fried potatoes chips.


Meaning: meat of wild animals like rabbit, hare, partridge, pheasant etc

Example: Game birds are those birds those are legally allowed to hunt.


Meaningto cook, fry or toast food direct over hot surface over fire

ExampleDuring the summer, we grill meat outside usually.

Gulp down

Meaning: to swallow or eat very quickly in large quantity

ExampleHe gulped down the pizza in four bites.


Meaningto drink something very quickly or greedily and in large amount

ExampleHe guzzled a glass of water after he finished the job.


Meaninga piece of bread or cake

ExampleI ate one loaf of bread in breakfast. 


Meaning: a small piece or amount of something

ExamplePut of a lump of cream on top of the casserole to make the cake creamy.

Red Meat

Meaningmeet of lamb, pork or beef

Example: In Pakistani culture, people cook red meat mostly in wedding parties.


Meaningto make something heat up in microwave oven.

ExampleMicrowave the sandwich for two minutes and eat.


Meaningnot strong or harsh in taste

ExampleThe taste of these spices is very mild. 


Meaningsomething cooked for more time than required

Example Overcooking made these potato chips crunchier. 


Meaning: fried in a frying pan

Example Would you like a piece of fish fried in frying pan?


Meaning: a unit of measuring liquid

ExampleShe drank a pint of ale at the bar


Meaning: This word is used commonly (in food and cooking vocabulary) to cook in boiling liquid.

Example I prefer to poach eggs in breakfast.


Meaninga quantity of food taken during male

ExampleHave you eaten your portion of desserts?


Meaning: (“white meat”) meet of chicken, turkey, goose or duck

ExamplePoultry is cheap than red meat.


Meaning: to put some liquid into something like glass, cup, jug etc

ExamplePour the cola over ice cubes and taste it. 


Meaningvegetables or food in natural state

Example Salad is made from raw vegetables. 


Meaning: fruits or vegetable those are fully-grown and ready to eat.

Example Make sure the apples are ripe so we can use them in the juice.


Meaningrotted or decayed food that is not able to eat

Example This fish smells rotten; throw it away.


Meaningto cook something with dry heat in an oven or over a fire

ExampleLet us put chicken in the oven and roast for one hour.


Meaninghaving a quantity of salt in it

ExampleThe potato chips were a bit salty and crispy.


Meaningto drink in small quantity (to suck liquid by air into mouth)

ExampleIt is best to sip a coffee rather than gulp it down at once.


Meaninga small amount of food eaten between meals

ExampleI eat snack at four o clock usually.


Meaninghaving an acid taste like lemon

ExampleThe milk had turned very sour.


MeaningMove something forth and backward quickly to mix its ingredients.

ExampleShake the juice well and pour into a glass.

Starter / appetizer 

Meaning: the first thing eaten as part of a meal

Example: People usually prefer salad and drinks as starter in their meal.


MeaningThis term is used in food and cooking vocabulary for to mix something with spoon or stick making a circular movement

ExampleStir the sugar well and enjoy juice with your favorite lunch. 


Meaningsomething placed in steam vapors before cooking (Steamed cooked over a saucepan of boiling water)

ExampleThe easy way to cook many vegetables is to steam them before cooking for few minutes.


Meaningto fry something over high heat while being stirred continuously

ExampleUsually I take stir-fried eggs in breakfast.


Meaningsomething cooked for a long time on a low heat

ExampleStewed foods are easy to digest.


Meaningfood that does not has a good taste

ExampleThe meat has been cooked for too long. It‘s tasteless.


Meaningfood with hard texture, difficult to chew

ExampleThe cookie was very tough. I could hardly chew it!


Meaningvegetables or fruits those are not full-grown and not ready to eat or cook and picked before their ripen time

Example Oranges and bananas are picked unripe mostly and become ripe as they are shipped.