Download Free PDF Book on Part of Speech in English Grammar

Parts of speech is very essential subject to learn English grammar. Students always remain in search of books that can help them in their learning. Some books are paid, some are free, some are for advance level, some for intermediate level and some are for beginner. Our PDF BOOK on PARTS OF SPEECH is for beginners and intermediate level. This book is totally free to download without any subscription or registration. 

pdf book on parts of speech

PDF Book Parts of Speech

Introduction to the content of the book

PDF book Parts of Speech is a unique book that helps the readers to understand  each part of speech in comprehensible way. In this book, Each part of speech is explained in a separate chapter. Each chapter include definition of individual part of speech, its different types, use in examples and general rules and differentiation from other parts of speech.

Students who are in intermediate level or teachers who want to teach basic grammar to their students; they should go through it once.  Hope you will like it. The parts of speech that include in book are: noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, interjection, and determiners


Special efforts were made by S.K. NIAZI and Sayeda Javaria to provide such a nice notes to the students. 

Note: Copyrights for this book to upload on any other website or to publish are reserved only to Literary English or author S K Niazi. 



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