Fashion and Clothes Vocabulary | English Vocabulary

Accessories: In fashion industry, the word accessories refers to item that we use in our dressing in accordance with usefulness and decoration. The word accessories include various items as Bridal Veil, Footwear, Eyewear, Belts & Suspenders, Handbags, Neckwear, Jewelry, Headwear, Handkerchiefs, Shawls & Wraps, Legwear, Watches, etc.

Anti Fashion: A dressing and fashion style that differs from the prevailing fashion trends and showing an indifference to fashion of that time.

Antique style: Antique style is a style that is old and refers to past fashion trends.

Army look: Wearing of a dress that resembles to a military uniform.

Accessory: Refers to an individual item like,  jewellery, hats, neckwear, shoes, belts, scarfs, gloves, etc that is used to make dressing more fashionable.

Apparel: An alternate word used for clothes and garments.

Attire: Alternate word used for clothing.

Body clothes: A word used for underclothing or undergarments.

Beachwear: Clothing used at beach during bath or taking sunbath.

Boutique: Boutique is a home base dress selling shop or industry to design or stitch clothes.

Bulky clothing: A word used for loose fitting clothing.

Casual wear: Informal wear, everyday garments, or sleeping dress, normally people use at home.

Catwalk:  A platform along which models walk to present new clothes in fashion shows.

Chic:  Stylish

Collection: Events usually held twice a year in spring/summer and fall/ winter for sale.

Classic: A universal style that looks timeless.

Continental style: This term refers to the European clothing style.

Contrast: In fashion, we use this term for opposite colors that are in stark contrast to each other and both have individual look.

Conservative styles: Conservative style is a traditional dressing style; people use it in negative sense mostly.

Cosmetic colors: Cosmetic colors are those colors that resembles to colors used in makeup/cosmetics.

Cosmopolitan: It is a universal dress style rather than a localized.

Craze: Craze in an extreme popular fashion for a short time.

Composite style: A combination of different styles; simple and refined; feminine and flirtatious; cool and feminine.

Dead stock: Dead stock is clothing that has never been worn and stored at home.

Earth colors: Colors that falls in the brown family

Ethnic: Traditional, native

Designer: A person (male of female) who makes a design for extremely characteristic garments

Fad: A short-lived fashion

Fashion show: Displaying proper collection of fashion styles by designers to the customers or merchandisers.

Fashion house: A fashion house is a company involved in fashion design

Fashion icon: A term used for those who become popular for being extremely fashionable

Fashion sense: Awareness of how to wear a dress fashionably.

Fashion tribe: People of a tribe who share a common fashion of dressing.

Fashion victim: A person who follows current fashion with keen interest.

Florals: Floral is a fabric that has floral pattern prints.

Hosiery: A garment that is tight fitting knitted worn on the leg and feet. It is generally made of very stretchable fabrics like spandex.

Imitation: A duplicate or copy; generally used for describing fur of sleeves and jewellery.

Monotone clothing: single color clothes

Motif: It is a design (usually a flower or fur) in a pattern/ print / embroidery, etc.

Print on print: Vibrant and colorful clothing with lots of different prints mixed in.

Ready to wear or RTW: Factory made clothing that is in standardized sizes.

Slim fit: Clothing that is fitted tightly to the body.

Trend: Trend is a general way in which something is prevailing or changing.

Trendy: It is an adjective for describing a person who is very stylish or fashionable.

Unisex style: It is clothing suitable for both sex (male and female). Androgynous style is an alternative name for unisex style.

Utilitarian clothing: It is a practical/purposeful clothing rather than decorative; Clothes that serve up a practical purpose. Usually we wear at work place.

Vintage: Vintage is a style of clothing that is inspired from a previous era or more than 20 years ago.

Warm colors:, Yellow, orange, and red and in between colors in the color wheel.