Positive Personality Adjectives

Positive Personality Adjectives

Definition of Personality Adjectives

Personality adjectives are those words (adjectives) that tell us about the personality traits of a person like behavior, look, valor or temperament of a person.

What are Positive Personality Adjectives?

Positive personality adjectives are personality words (adjectives) which we use in positive sense to describe a good trait of a person or to show him/her well mannered, or to pay attribute to his/her personality by showing his/her good traits by a single word e.g., frank. 

Positive personality adjective

List of Positive Personality Adjectives

Some of the most commonly used positive personality adjectives are written below

Adaptable: Able to change in order to fit every situation. Able to adopt or be adopted People who are adaptable can overcome change easily

In a sentence: When Henry got divorce, she proved herself to be adoptable. She knows very well how to cope with this change in life.

Adventurous: Not afraid to do new and dangerous or exciting things. Adventurous people seek for the fun in life and love to try something exciting and new.

In a sentence: Mount Everest hilltop attracts adventurous people to exercise their adventure.

Affectionate: Feeling or showing affection for others

In a sentence: The little baby is an affectionate child who gives hugs and kisses freely

Ambitious: Having ambition or a desire to be successful or powerful and used in positive sense mostly

In a sentence: This 600-page novel is his most ambitious effort.

Amiable: Friendly and pleasant; Amiable people are affable. They are kind, warm and friendly.

In a sentence: Everyone knows that Jam is an amiable fellow.

Compassionate: man having or showing courage. A courageous person is brave. They can even jump into a burning fir for a positive cause.

Showing or having sympathy for other’s suffering.  A compassionate person always tries to do something to help ease the suffering.

In a sentence: A compassionate smile made the refugees feel a little better

Courageous: A man of valor, one who is not coward and ready to do any thing

A In a sentence: Adam was courageous men who dive 20 feet into water to save a lamb.

Courteous: Polite and showing respect in good manners. Such people say, “Please,” “Thank you” and “No, thanks.”

In a sentence: The police officer was very courteous.

Empathetic: People speaking or acting in powerful manners. They also understand people better because they see things from the other person’s perspective. 

In a sentence: Traders were emphatic about their economical differences.

Exuberant: Very energetic and full of joy

In a sentence: Her exuberant personality makes him fun to be around.

Frank: A person is frank who speaks in very clear and direct way. Speaking honestly

In a sentence: Ali is a very frank boy.

Generous: A generous person is willing to give and share with others what he has.

In a sentence: Ali has always been very generous towards the needy people.

Gregarious: Person who enjoys other’s company, a socially connected man

In a sentence: Sadaf is very gregarious girl who do not miss any part in college.

Inventive: Imaginative or creative. Inventive people are able to find creative, ingenious solutions to problems. They might be able to repair a van with a paper clip. 

In a sentence: Jack is an inventive engineer and can repair every kind of technical items.

Passionate: having or expressing strong emotions or belief. Such people have a real love for something in their life.

In a sentence: Imran khan gave very compassionate speech on COVID 19.

Practical: Actively engaged in some course of action

In a sentence: Ali has a lot of practical experience in educational field.

 Rational: A person who speaks based on reason and facts. Thinking clearly based upon logical reasoning

In a sentence: Human beings are rational creatures.

 Reliable: TrustedSomeone who is reliable is trust worthy and dependable.

In a sentence: A good report cannot be written without collection of reliable data.

 Sensible: Showing good sense or judgment, a sensible person is a clear thinking and reasonable person.

In a sentence: My father gave me a sensible advice on smoking.

 Witty: Clever and funny with good intellectual capacity

In a sentence: Sir Francis Bacon is famous for his witty dialogues