Eyes shape, size, color and expressions vocabulary

Eye Shape, Size, Color, and Eye Expression Vocabulary

This article is based on eye expression vocabulary including shape, color, size, and general appearance of eyes. All the common words are explained here that are used to describes an eye vocabulary in an English language

How to describe eyes of a person

Vocabulary for shape, size, and appearance of eyes

Round, (eye having a round eyeball)

Squinty, (not having parallel visual axes, crossed, to look askance)

Crinkly, (small eyes covered with eyelid and looking through narrow opening)

Bulging, (swelling or thrusting out, big round eyes with eyelid opened widely)

Heavy-lidded, (eyess having thick eyelashes)

Hooded, (half-closed, used to describe eyes that are half closed)

Deep-set, (eyes pressed inside due to old age or weakness)

Close-set, (eyes covered with eyelids and looking through narrow opening)

Almond-eyed, (having narrow slant almond-shaped eyes)

Large, (having a large-size eyeball)

Small, (eyeballs small in size)

Tearful, (eyes full of tears due to sorrow or affection)

Doe-eyed, (having large eyes that make someone innocent)

Bug-eyed (bulging eyes)

Pie-eyed, (intoxicated)

Wrinkled, (eyes having wrinkles in their surroundings or loose eyelids that have wrinkles)

Pale, (yellowish eyes due to sickness or weakness) 

Beady, (eyes that are too small in looking)

Bushy, (eye with thick and long eyelashes)

Shimmering, (eyes that have a shining look)

Eye color

Black, (mostly people have black eyes)

Brown, (few people have brown color of their iris of their eyes)

Hazel, (eyes having mixture of brown and green or gray colors)

Green, (green eyes have greenish texture in appearance)

Blue, (Very few people have blue color of their eyes)

Amber, (a dark orange-yellow color of eyes)

Eye expression Vocabulary

Below are the words commonly used for eye expression vocabulary.

Piercing, (perceptive, seeming to have the power to guess the thoughts or feeling of a person)

Mesmerizing,( to hold the attention of something or somebody in such a way that nothing else is noticed or seen)

Sad, (eyes revealing a sad mood of a person)

Sorrowful, (Sadness visible in eyes)

Haunted, (showing some expected fear)

Dismal, (Showing sad feelings or unhappiness)

Sympathetic, (showing a feeling of sympathy for someone through eyes)

Ogle, (to look at someone in a way that shows amorous/sexual attraction)

Leer (at), (look at someone in an evil or unpleasantly sexual way)

Compassionate, (showing or having compassion for sick or hurt)

Twinkling, (shining)

Lively, (active and energetic)

Shifty, (eyes indicating tricky nature, deceptive)

Sly, (eyes revealing that you know a secret)

Distrusting, (showing lack of confidence or trust)

Sleepy, (showing tiredness and ready to fall asleep, slumberous, droopy)

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