A Complete Guide for MA ELT and BS English Programs Offered by Virtual University of Pakistan (VU)

BS English


BS English – Applied Linguistics (VU)

Fee Structure

Notes for ELT and BS English

Here you will find notes for MA ELT and BS English (Applied Linguistics) according to the syllabus of Virtual University of Pakistan. All the notes were prepared by those who have appeared in recent sessions of MA ELT. Below are the links for notes for MA ELT and BS English (Applied Linguistics). 

Sample Assignments (Marked) for MA ELT and BS English

Students can find here multiple sample assignments for MA ELT and BS English from Virtual University of Pakistan (VU). All Sample assignments are solved and marked . New students can get ideas easily to solve assignments. 

Here are some sample assignments in PDF format:

Ask for Help

If students have any query they can ask in comment section. All of their question will be answered immediately. If any student has his unique notes and want to publish; he/she can contact at secludedspouse@gmail.com without any hesitation. Notes will be published under his/her name with copyrights reserved. 

Students who are weak in English and wanna hire a tutor; they can contact on email mentioned above. We also offer free and paid services to assist weak students to improve their CGPA. 

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