Finding the Best Platform for Writers

Finding the Best Platform for Writers

Just like for a doctor, it is not enough to be good. They need to set up their practice on the right platform; the same goes for bloggers! For any blogger, writing the best content alone is not sufficient; it is equally important to choose the best writing platform.

 Often, people who think of starting a blog, at first, never think about which platform would be the ideal choice for them. However, choosing the best platform for writers must be the priority of every blogger.

 The platform you select becomes a crucial part of your blogging journey. Remember, choosing an ideal platform for blogging can make your blogging smoother; in contrast, a wrong choice can be frustrating. So take some time researching the internet and find the right platform for your needs.


Here are a few factors you need to consider when choosing a story writing platform:

 Full control of the template

The first thing you need to consider when choosing a writing platform is the ability to tweak the template. As a blogger, you must be able to edit the template’s HTML code. This is because the primary way to generate blog traffic is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and a crucial aspect of SEO is tweaking the website’s backend code.

 Several popular blogging platforms allow users to choose different templates, switch templates and make a few changes to the interface; however, only a few platforms will enable you to go behind these templates and edit the HTML code for the template.

 No matter how aesthetically pleasing the website is, search engine spiders only see the words and the HTML code. So make sure you choose the one that provides you full access to the HTML code behind the template

Hosting on own domain

Another aspect to consider when choosing a writing or blogging platform is that it must use your domain. This is because, even if you write excellent content, it will not go far if it is not marketed well. However, this does not include junky content.

 If you have a significant experience in marketing blogs, you must have realized that the time spent between marketing a blog and posting content on your blog should be more or less equal. So, since you will spend time marketing a web address or URL, it would make sense to market an address that you fully own.

 Moreover, it looks professional to use your domain name in your name cards and marketing campaign, then to use a subdomain or subfolder provided by a blogging platform.

Advanced features

The third most crucial thing to consider when choosing a blogging platform is the advanced features of the blog. There are numerous blogging platforms out there that are “instant publishing platforms.”

While such platforms are a good choice if you write personal blogs, diaries or journal entries where you publish your daily ramblings, they might be insufficient for a professional blogger who wishes to reach out to the audience.

 The idea of blogging is to create conversations; the only way you can start conversations is to have people visit your blog and post comments. Therefore, the platform for writers you choose must offer advanced features like the ability to send trackbacks, automatic pinging of popular blog search engines, management of blog feeds and scheduled posting.



While choosing a blogging platform, you must focus on three things: why you are wiring a blog, how much control over the blog you wish to have, and how much you are willing to spend. There are hundreds of writing platforms that cater to different bloggers’ different needs. So, evaluate the options available to you and choose wisely. 

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