How to Check & Remove Plagiarism from Copied Text?

check and remove plagiarism

How to Remove Plagiarism from Copied Content:

Plagiarism is like stealing someone’s content and not even crediting them.But for many of our academic work we need to rely on other author’s content for information purposes as we cannot gather all the data all alone. Our educational institutes don’t tolerated the work that is copied even in some cases self-copied content which is actually from your previously published work, is not allowed. Also it’s quite necessary for content writers from any other field to make its content plagiarism free and more attractive to the reader that might find it useful and interesting.

How to edit a copied text?

To avoid this difficulty let’s take some quick steps that will make your content more attractive and free of plagiarism. Always Try To Quote The Content You Copied:

How to quote a text?

This means you must put quotation marks (“ ”) to enclose the copied lines but you can add your own words in introduction/explanation to that quote.

When and where to quote?

It is suitable to quote when:

·         An exact definition by the author is required.

·         When rephrasing the original content is difficult because it might lose its meanings or will be no more elegant or powerful.

·         You want to give a touch of author’s style and his choice of words in your work.

·         When you are trying to analyses the passage further.

·         When Criticizing/arguing is required and it’s important to highlight the specific writing of author.

Rephrase the writing:

Try using your own words, way of expression, and vocabulary, and make your own sentence out of the material you have taken. It’s like changing the structure of sentence without disturbing the actual meaning of it.

How to change content words to Remove Plagiarism?

We need to tackle the major words in each of the line and then replacing them with suitable alternatives or by using synonyms instead of the words while keeping in mind that the meaning and quality of the sentence should be maintain.

1.    Cite The Initial Source:

 If you are writing a paragraph or lines from a book try to add a reference of it and do the same thing if you have some quotations from a thesis or any other paper or even a website. Reference/ bibliography must be added at the end of paper .Another way is that you can use in-text citation. There are different styles to cite, you can use any of your choice but the rule is to keep one style throughout your writing.

 2.    Copy ideas not lines:

The pro tip is whenever you are going to write something and you are searching for the content don’t actually copy the exact writing when you found the desired content just read it all and take ideas from it and then try to write it in your own words . Keep on taking ideas from different sources and gather them all with your own expression style and creativity.

 3.    Using a tool to check plagiarism:

In this method all of the words in your document will be scanned and compared to other data available on internet in different website blogs, articles and journals or books. You can simply search these tools on your browser and check their website for further details. It’s a very quick way to convert the copied content to the one which looks like your own. These tools usually use artificial intelligence to rewrite you text by using millions of synonyms they have in their vocabulary and rephrasing the lines. You don’t need to ask someone for help writing you a unique content of your demand rather you can easily write one of your own with a little afford.


Tools to Check Plagiarism

There are two basic types of tools to check plagiarism in a text.

              I.        Paid tools

            II.        Unpaid / free tools


Paid tools:

Paid tools come up with monthly or yearly subscriptions for the users. Using these tools will be a smart choice to get fine results in o time. Also they are pretty easy to use and to improve the quality of content. Because it is very necessary for any kind of content writer to make his/her content look creative and interesting.

§  Quetext:  It worth paying for, as its results are very accurate.

§  Scribber: It is considered to be the best tool in this regard .it dint have any free trial version rather it’s only paid. Its accuracy rates are more than any other tool.


There are few more tools mentioned below with very good detecting power, easy in utility and are trustworthy.

§  Compilation Stadium

§  Plagramme

§  Grammerly

§  Bibme

§  Plagscan


Free tools to check plagiarism:

Free tools do not check 100% plagiarism so one who can afford a paid version of tools, must avail them to improve the accuracy and for better results. Also the free tools have word limit you can only have few free trails. But if you are a student with limited budget, paid tools are not affordable for you so here you go with a list of some very useful tools.

Recommended free version of tools:

·         Quetext : It is 100% easy to use and safe. Its results are 98% accurate. But only three times you can check free (500 words). Otherwise it’s paid.

·         Easy bib: It is 90% easy to use and safe. Its results are 80% accurate. It gives you three free trails and you need to put credit card information to start that.

·         Plagscan: It is 90% easy to use but 100% safe. Its results are 80% accurate. But it’s only free for 2,000 words but no credit card required in its free trail.

·         Plagramme: Its 80% safe and easy to use but 50 to 60 % accurate. Account is required to avail its free trail but its paid version is affordable.

·         Copyleaks : It’s easy to use but not that much safe plus its accuracy rate is below 50%. But it gives you 2,500 free words every month.


There are some more tools mentioned below to check plagiarism but these tools are not recommended where you need 100% original content because some of them detect only 20 to 25% plagiarism. As grammerly tool is a kind of very good tool to check grammar mistakes in its free version but its paid version is really helpful.

·         Ephorus :

·         Grammerly

·         Small SEO tool

·         Search engine reports

·         Playscan

·         Unichecketc

·         Edubirdie

·         PaperRater

·         Copyscape

·         Turnitin

·         Playtracker



Plagiarizing your work will make you lose your integrity and it may cost you much more. You cannot deny the fact that everyone at some point is going to use someone’s content because none of us can do one to all research on his own, we have to rely on some authentic facts and figures or some surveys or research to get done with our project. So it’s not going to trouble you if you are going to use all of the above mentioned tricks.

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