What Is Digitl Maketing? Sumaira Hassan

What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a part of marketing to promote and sell your products and services through several different digital platforms, so whenever you choose your channel digitally for marketing then that is known as digital marketing. It gives an opportunity to the marketers to better understand their target audience. It gives you a clear indication about how many people are really interested in your product or services that you are marketing.

Digital marketing versus traditional marketing:

Most importantly , the thing which makes digital marketing so significant in this era as compared to traditional methods of marketing is that you are having a clear picture of your target audience by asking about their features like age group ,likes, country , colour .gender and preferences. On digital platforms, you may track people as how much of them are watching and what needs you are catering , how many people are liking your content and how much finding or your market is just a waste of time however, with their you may change very fastly.

For example: a billboard is being made in an expensive area and it’s cost about 1to2 lakhs per month but after few days you realized that you made a wrong investment and as you made a contract so you cannot do anything. This is not the case with digital marketing because you can do proper experiment and research before publishing your ads on social media platforms for 2-3 days and you see that people are taking interest then you may further proceed otherwise you can bring change to it and in this manner you can build a solid market plan.

Types of digital marketing :

Content marketing : In content marketing , you might publish a blog , an article writing or content writing on a website where thousands of people views it and like , share and comment on it. The content can be promoted more by social media and email marketing , search engine optimization or by even PPC campaign’s. For your content marketing to work well your content needs to be super useful and engaging that makes the reader to say just- wow what an amazing content!

Content writing is important for all types of different content formats including:

• video scripts

•Email newsletters

•Keynote speeches

•Social media posts

•Podcast titles

•White papers

•webpage copy

•Landing pages

•Youtube video descriptions

Search engine optimization: Besides creating a website , learning SEO will help you to move ahead of your competitors always just by being the first name that a person looks for in google search with keywords that can lead them to reach you. The better your pages are visible in search results, the more likely you are to attract prospective and existing customers to your business. SEO is an important part of digital marketing as people conduct trillions of searches to find information about their products and services. Greater visibility and higher ranking in search results will have awesome impact on your bottom line.

Pay – per – click: PPC marketing means reaching to a number of internet users through various digital platforms by paid ads. The most popular PPC platforms are Google ads and Facebook ads. PPC can target audience through a particular interest or location or through other demographic characteristics.

Social media marketing: also called website marketing is a very powerful channel. A website must represent a clear and memorable picture of a brand , product or services that you are offering . It must be fast , mobile – friendly and easy to use.

Email marketing : It is not just about spam email messages but it is a way of getting in touch with your potential buyers and the people interested in your brand. It is one of the most effective digital marketing channels . Many digital marketers use all other digital marketing channels to add leads to their email lists and then through email marketing they make customers.

Affiliate marketing: means promoting other people’s product and getting a commission on it whenever a sale is being made or a lead is introduced.it is one of the oldest ways of promoting products through other websites. Affiliate marketers such as Amazon pay in dollars to such websites which sale out their products.

Advantages of digital marketing :

In digital marketing , platforms such as google and Facebook produce high revenues than any traditional marketing company because they control a huge traffic. People have been using digital marketing since a very long time because it is both cost effective and measurable. It allows you to reach a global platform to sell products and services to your target audience. It not only saves money but allows you to know your market personally. You also become aware of your competitors about what they are doing and learn from them.

It tells you how there are communicating their brands to people and what is making them unique and distinguishable. How are they engaging audience and you may do something better than them. Potential buyers will do business with you even if there are limited by any disability , transportation problem or living far. Small businesses frequently try to get as much as possible done on a small budget. You may build close relations with customers and become a trusted partner . This will make you much more than a business and people will buy from you again and again.

Importance of digital marketing :

The scope of digital marketing is rising very rapidly because of the two way interaction between company and customers and knowing exactly about their needs. It is necessary for marketers to remain up to date with latest strategies , websites and products for effective working. By interacting with people digitally , you can start to get to know about what they are looking for ? This can be achieved by using the tools and techniques of digital marketing to know who your customers really are. With digital marketing you can directly approach to your potential customers and sell them products and services and this is what makes it unique.